iPad Mini Spotted in Taiwanese Race Car Driver’s Hand?

Is it possible that for all of Steve Jobs’ trash-talk about 7-inch tablets, Apple’s actually planning one of their own? It’s entirely possible, after Jimmy Lin, a pop star and race car driver in Taiwan posted a picture of him with what looks like a tiny iPad. Of course, it’s just as likely to be some convincing knock-off, or maybe even some celebrity tomfoolery with Photoshop, but it’s really hard to tell given the quality of this picture.

Rumours of a tiny iPad have been swirling for awhile, some saying that it’ll have a Cortex-A9 processor, thatVerizon will carry it in January, and it’ll come with two cameras, and a mini USB slot. It’s all pretty unsubstantiated right now, although if Apple’s regularity can be relied upon, the one-year anniversary of the iPad announcement would be January 27 and make a fine occasion for a refreshed iPad. One of the biggest arguments against the BlackBerry PlayBook is the not-unrealistic assumption that Apple will announce something soon that will blow it out of the water, and this could very well be it.

Regardless of whether this pic is legit or not, what would you guys say to a lighter, more portable iPad with, say, a camera and Retina-quality display?

[via Akihabara]

  • ShallRemainNameless

    HoHoHo! This is another Photoshop job well done! beside it won’t be a big surprise if Apple adds a 7’ Tablet to the iPad line up … but why? The 11’ iPad is already a big seller. We know for sure the next iPad will have some additional features than he’s predecessor and most of time, it will the FEATURE they (Tech. Media) will not see coming.

    • Derail Doax

      Wait a second the current ipads screen size is 11 feet? No actually its 9.7 inches. Of course Apple will release a 7.0″ ipad. Steve has nightmares about people beating his beloved company. I however will be buying one if the 10.1″ Archos tablets to go along with my Mytouch 4G.

      • ShallRemainNameless

        Last time I checked, Apple does not chase after the competition, they usually the one setting the standard and raising the bar. Correct me if I am wrong but most manufacturers didn’t want to invest into tablet PC until iPad was leaked. Now you have about thousands ‘prototypes’ to confuse the consumers. The iPad is definitely on my to-buy list but I’m going to wait for the 2nd generation.
        I recommended the 10 inches Archos Tablet (I like the Tech. Specs.) to a friend.

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