REVIEW: Verizon Motorola XOOM Android Tablet – Can Honeycomb Take On The iPad?

A review of the Android Honeycomb-powered tablet known as the Motorola XOOM for Verizon. It features the NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core processor for incredible performance.
A review of the Android Honeycomb-powered tablet known as the Motorola XOOM for Verizon. It features the NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core processor for incredible performance.

By now it’s clear that tablet devices are no fad and that the legion of Android-powered tablets aren’t going to let Apple and its iPad hog the burgeoning tablet market any longer. The Samsung Galaxy Tab proved that an Android tablet can give Apple reason to worry, but the Verizon-bound Motorola XOOM is the first Android tablet to really be considered a proper iPad killer. The XOOM is similar in size and shape to the iPad, is made from similar high-quality materials, bears an Apple-esque minimal design aesthetic, and has enough power to put your laptop to shame. So, naturally, we just had to take the XOOM for a spin.

You might be asking yourself how a mobile operating system designed for smaller-screened smartphones could possibly be good enough to take on the venerable iPad. You might also be wondering if Motorola has what it takes to go toe-to-toe with the sleek lines and uncompromising craftsmanship that Apple bestows upon their designs. Well, those are all the right questions. The most important of which is – can the Motorola XOOM kill the iPad?

Read on to find out.

  • the way Apple implemented the no-buttons gestures on iOS compared to the way Google did, says it all… Google went the easy, tacky and un-original way, adding a bar on the lower part of the screen that rotates with the device, while you just pinch the screen with 5 fingers on the iPad and you’re back to homescreen, now let’s see how long it takes Google to copy the exact same gestures from iOS
    iOS is still some years ahead of Android – no lags, smooth transitions, intuitive gestures…

    • Anonymous

      yea no shit if all you did was make the os of a ipod to a bigger screeen doesnt take an idiot to figuer that out!!! i wouldnt think it will lag if all you doing is copying and ipod os and adding lil different apk here and there. LMAO ios is still some years ahead i dont think it is the apps are but not the os remember it took them 2yrs to add mms 4yrs to add a flash!!! see the trend here they add things to make you buy!!! I BELIEVE ANDROID TO POWERFULL FOR YOU!!!

  • “If there’s any learning curve to using Honeycomb, it’s already behind the so-easy-a-toddler-can-use-it iOS interface… That said, if you don’t care about ease of use and you want a tablet with cutting edge power, a flexible OS, and integrated features that rival iOS, the XOOM is hands-down the best tablet on market today.”

    Nice. So if you’re an idiot and couldn’t even use a PC, buy an iPad. If not, buy a Xoom. Maybe having a much larger feature set requires a bit more complexity?

    • Guest

      A much larger feature set doesn’t have to equal complexity. Apple proved this years ago with the Mac OS.

      • Wait, are you saying OSX has a larger feature set than Windows or that lots of features can still be easy to use? Either way, I have a Macbook running Snow Leopard and the UI is worse than Windows 7. Yes, I said it, worse than Windows. The fact of the matter is, accessing a huge set of features is difficult to do in an easy intuitive way. OSX does a good job of it, and Windows finally does a really good job too. I personally think that Android 3.0 does a great job of it, but I’ll see myself tomorrow at a local Best Buy. I also think iOS’s simplicity has everyone expecting Android to be as simple as Apple’s OS, yet still have superior features and customization. I think that’s a tall order and unrealistic. And really, are we all that retarded that you can’t figure out Android 3.0 within 15 minutes? It’s way easier than OSX or Windows, which we’re all accustomed to using.

    • Anonymous

      exactly!!! lol i guess the alot of idummies!!!!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    how easy of an os do you really need? serious.. if this aint easy to use then why the hell do you need a tablet. ive always said android is for the tech people while ios is for grandma and grandpa…

    • Grandpas, grandmas and people who are tired of “rooting” their phone / tablet and it just working out of the box.

      I’m a tech person fed up with having to know so much… I’ve coded for a living, I want a tablet that works. A polished OS that has a consistent user experience. An app ecosystem that is full of qualified developers with apps that have been verified to make sure they aren’t trying to steal my credit card number.

      Google (and Motorola in this case) knows the Android market, so making it sexy to the geek crowd is enough since many of them are as anti-apple as they are pro-android. Enjoy using shell on your tablet. I’ll be busy reading books, watching movies and surfing the web on mine.

  • Anonymous

    Better than engadget….but you can’t compare android to ios because well ios is just apps and a phone os….nothing different from the phone and it sucks plus no over the air updates and things are locked and restricted….its not fun like android….and android is on 3.0? in less than like 1.5 years and apple took like 5 years to get to 4.3? yah adios apple. lol…Hello xoom….oh wait your not wifi only…..i would buy the off contract….but really i can’t afford 800 after buying the thunderbolt off contract… be 200 dollars short….dam!lol

    • ROFLMAO this proves how stupid you are, Android 1.0 came out in October/November 2008, so if you were smart enough and could do some maths, that’s not 1.5 years, it’s more like 2.5 years…

  • Anonymous

    Hmmm engadget said there was a microsd….and so do the specs on every website so where is it?

    • It’s in the slot where the sim card goes, theres what appears to be a circuit board sandwhiched between the micro sd card slot and the sim card slot

  • micro sd card slot is right where the sim card goes… you may want to remove that from your cons.

  • Kill the iPad? No.
    Challenge the iPad? Perhaps someday. Once more apps that are designed for the large screen become available. Oh and a lower price.

  • Sweet! Love the device. That said, I think I’m more interested in honeycomb rather than the device itself. Can’t wait to see the BB. Thanks for the insight!

  • Edtre36

    all videos are the same

  • Thanks for the review. Cool tablet

  • JoeTurbo

    I took ATT 4 yrs for them to allow mms…. Let’s not get it twisted…

    • JoeTurbo

      2 yrs not 4 yrs

  • ShallRemain Nameless

    Not impress! Good design but I expected the XOOM to beat the Samsung Galaxy first then the iPad. Also why none these manufacturers are talking Apple iTunes integration … they all have features that set them apart from each other and Apple but the main thing, in my opinion, I think they are missing is the iTunes integration. Seriously, how many people own an iPod devices or an iPhone? A LOT!.
    I’ve 9105 songs in the iTunes library and I’m not about to trade my iTunes for a different applications. Until then, I will stick with Apple iPad. In addition, the XOOM is over priced … might as well go buy a laptop.

    • Bmbriefs

      Excellrnt review. I can’t wait to get my hands on a xoon. It makes me wonder how these OS’s diverge- there clearly will be multiple types of people buying multiple types of tablets. I wonder how this will all shake down, I personally find IOs to be an enjoyable and constrainging experience, but the broad masses love it, On the other hand, the broad masses us windows7 at work and home. Is the tablet meant to be a simple diversion from these experiences or is it mean to extend and blend these more dedicated computing experiences with or daily lives,

  • FtBastrd2

    fyi the sd card slot is inside the 4g adapter slot

  • Yes. and No.

  • Short answer is No, and long answer Nooooooooooooooo. 🙂 People likes iPad for experience that whole package offers them, for the grate price. iPad is reliable platform that offers you what you would expect from the tablet, with minimum amount of overall hassle. That been said I am a bit disappointed with overall iPad’s competition, tablets have grate future, i understand that is a new market but in this point consumers are hungry for new tablet products, and manufacturers seams to missing that.

  • b1scu1t

    iPad killer… nah…
    I’d give a round of applause to the iPad cause even though it’s a year old, other companies still are trying to catch up to the first iPad.
    I mean, most companies release their first tablet devices a year after the iPad and still need to compare it to a year old device in order to look superior, but still actually struggle.

    I think the sooner the competitors realize that it’s not all about specs, they might actually get somewhere.
    They’re merely trying to match specs, they totally forget about everything else.
    software, apps, integration, user experience, etc?
    I would rather take a slower but more productive device than a faster buggy device.

    Exactly the reason why I got rid of Windows…

  • iPads for US,EU & AUS . Honeycomb tablets for Rest of the World.

  • iPads for US,EU & AUS . Honeycomb tablets for Rest of the World.

  • Guest

    … I wouldn’t call 1080×800 ‘native full HD’… The ‘1080’ in 1080p refers to the vertical resolution, which actually puts native full HD at 1920×1080. Mind you, on a screen that small, it’ll probably look pretty sharp anyway. I’m frankly more excited about the Blackberry Playbook because of their insanely awesome tablet OS… the specs are similar, but the user experience and multitasking environment appears a cut above.

    • Mtda80

      Yeah that stolen WebOs is awesome…

  • Krova

    too expensive and no apps – my newIpad 2 is on the way

    • Cmcguffee

      too expensive + my new ipad 2 is on the way = ? 

  • Danxairex

    The iPad is just a “gigantic iPhone” gimmick for Apple’s cult-like followers. I’m not a tablet fan by any means, but a Honeycomb tablet seems like a much more worthy replacement for a laptop (although I’d never drop my Vaio for one). I’ve played with the Xoom and actually liked it, which is more than I can say for the iPad and its bland and overused UI, or even any other non book-styled tablet. If you’re for actual performance, yeah the Xoom takes the iPad on and beats it. But, sadly, we live in a world where most people are still under the delusion that Apple’s tech is advanced, so the Xoom will fail to the iPad.

  • I will definitely get the Xoom and I cannot wait to install the DISH Remote Access app so that I can stream live and recorded TV to my Xoom. I actually have and work at DISH Network and I can access the app everywhere I have 3G coverage or WiFi. DISH Network’s app paired with the Sling adapter makes the Xoom the perfect device.

  • Anonymous

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