Evernote for Android gets a BIG update!

Evernote has updated its Android application with tons new features, as well as a number of small and big improvements. Without further ado, here’s what they got:

  • Notebooks: You can now create new, edit existing and share notebooks directly from your Android device. Moreover, Premium subscribers can also store shared notebooks locally. Awesome!
  • Ability to share notes on Facebook and with other apps. To do so open note, tap on the menu and choose “Post.” From here you will be able to select Facebook or other apps like GMail and Twitter.
  • Ability to search within a notebook that you’re viewing at any given moment. Likewise, when you’re creating a new note, it will be placed in a notebook you’re currently in.
  • Improved support for Notebook Stacks, allowing you to collapse stacks and hide notebooks you don’t need.
  • Ability to add location to existing notes and see notes on a map. Very useful for trip planning as later on you will be able to quickly access “nearby” notes.
  • New Premium feature: PIN Lock – which allows locking of the Evernote app with a PIN. Homescreen widget will still allow taking notes but in order to access them, you’ll need a PIN code.
  • Improved interface with more info on the home screen, new progress bar that shows exactly what the app is syncing, tag hierarchies and redesigned homescreen widget.

Additionally, Evernote says there are a lot of performance improvements and bug fixes under the hood… Download or update now! 🙂

Evernote (FREE) [Android Market link]

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