KipCall lets iPhone users call their Facebook buddies

KipCall for iPhone

Facebook chat is for dummies or that’s at least what the company behind the KipCall app is thinking. Their iPhone app is all about connecting Facebook friends with voice (U.S.-only at the moment), requiring no working mobile data connection. In that sense, I assume their system relies on some call-back scheme to enable the service.

The great thing about KipCall is that you don’t even need to know your friends’ phone numbers. If he or she has registered it with KipCall (and Facebook), you’re good to go. Now you may be thinking this is something stalkers would appreciate, but wait – there are privacy controls, allowing you to set who can and who cannot call you. Moreover, thanks to the use of built-in GPS receiver, you can see which of your friends is around, which is cool for arranging coffee meet-ups.

In addition, there’s the option to filter your friends list by gender, relationship status and age, making KipCall an online dating tool. Now that I’m thinking — and as KipCall points out — this is a feature that’s been missing from Facebook…

Like it? If so, grab KipCall from a link below.

KipCall (FREE) [iTunes link]

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