iPhone 4 prototype pops up on eBay, waiting for an eager Apple collector’s home

It’s hard to imagine that the iPhone 4 fiasco of 2010 was already over a year ago — it seems like only yesterday that the Internet erupted over the Apple smartphone leak and police were breaking down blogger doors. Over a year after its launch, the iPhone 4 is quickly aging with news that the iPhone 5 is just a few short months away, but that hasn’t kept an eager eBay seller from putting up an iPhone 4 prototype for sale.

The iPhone 4 prototype is apparently similar to the one Gizmodo received last year, and it’s definitely not a retail unit. The face of the phone shows the number “DF1692” engraved into it, and ThisIsMyNext reports:

We’re also told that the “DF1692? you see etched on the lower right of the front and back is a unique code that makes sure Apple can keep track of what prototype belongs to which employee (so if you’re out there, DF1692, we’re sorry that your device is all over eBay).

We know how rough Apple can be with employees who leak classified information or lose prototype devices, but is it such a big deal if it’s a prototype for a device that has been on the market for over a year now? I guess we’ll find out soon enough whether Apple decides to have this thing pulled off of eBay. But in the meantime, Apple fanatics and collectors might be drooling over an opportunity to own a piece of gadgetry such as this.

Would you spend nearly a grand on a prototype device that can’t be activated?

[Via: TIMN]

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