Rumor: Pegatron gets an order from Apple for 15 million next generation iPhones, shipping in September

While some of you may be aware of Foxconn, the Taiwanese company that makes everything Apple sells in working conditions that made several employees commit suicide last year, few of you may be aware of Pegatron. They too are a Taiwanese company and Apple chose them to build the CDMA (read: Verizon) iPhone. According to DigiTimes, a site that has a patchy track record with rumors, but can sometimes be so right about future events that it’s downright scary, Pegatron has just received an order from Apple to make 15 million units of the iPhone 5 and that said iPhones will begin shipping in September. They continue to say that the iPhone 5 will not be a major update compared to the iPhone 4, which is something we’ve been hearing for a while. We know the iPone 5 will get the A5 chip that’s currently inside the iPad 2, a better camera, and it may also get a slightly larger edge to edge screen, but other than that … it’s going to be the launch of the iPhone 6 and iOS 6 that will truly bring about some drastic changes; hopefully the death of the home button.

In related news, Apple is due to refresh their MacBook Air lineup of notebook computers, and some say that they’ll be launched when the next version of Mac OS X is finished. Considering that the “Gold Master” (read: the bug free ready to ship version) was seeded to developers less than 100 hours ago, we’re confident that an announcement concerning the Airs is due at some point next week. We say this is related news because Apple is still hard at work putting the finishing touches on iOS 5. When Apple showed off the next version of iOS in June at WWDC they said it would ship in the fall, so it’s likely that the next iPhone will come out as soon as they’re done fixing every last bug in iOS.

September can’t come soon enough!

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