RIM suggests new OS 7 BlackBerry devices being announced today

RIM made a coy tweet not long ago more or less confirming that there would be new devices announced tomorrow.

“You got it! New #BlackBerry devices are coming w/ our new OS, BlackBerry 7! Check back tmrw 4 deets on #BB7FanNight. ^CH”

In their general meeting a few weeks ago, RIM execs confirmed that they would be launching seven phones in the next coming months, and based on carrier leaks, we’ve been expecting them before the end of the summer. It’s an appropriate number to launch, they’re running OS 7, no? We already have a pretty good feeling that at least some of these devices will include the Torch 9810, Torch 9850/60, Curve 9350/60, Bold 9790, on top of the Bold 9900/30 they’ve already announced.

Even though we’ve already seen most of what these new devices have to offer, BlackBerry phones with sharper screens, faster processors, NFC, and magnetic compasses cannot come soon enough. The quicker RIM gets these out the door, the faster they can get to work on dual-core QNX-powered smartphones for early next year. OS 7 will be a nice stopgap, in any case; it will provide the same familiar interface and experience that BlackBerry users have come to expect, but with a lot more smoothness thanks to added horsepower under the hood and a new Liquid Graphics rendering engine.

Is anyone excited for new phones from RIM, or have you lost interest in the platform at this point?

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