Dolphin Browser comes to the iPhone

Dolphin Browser has been available for various platforms — including Android and bada — for quite some time, and now the iOS users can join the fun, too. There are several features unique to Dolphin, when compared to default options on iPhone and Android:

  • Webzine view – which makes reading a more pleasurable experience, removing all distractions from the content. Dolphin comes with more than 120 channel subscriptions, allowing users to quickly find content they’re interested in.
  • Gestures as shortcuts – you can define which gesture will open which page. For instance, you can set “G” for, “F” for and so on.
  • Sidebars – accessible by swiping left and right, you can use them to quickly launch the toolbar, or browse your bookmarks list, history and folders.
  • Unlimited tabs – cause we all need an extra tab from time to time.

In addition, Dolphin also comes with one-click sharing with Twitter and Facebook, speed dial (super-quick favorites access), and the ability to switch between mobile and desktop views. You can see how all this fits together from a short video below. Enjoy! 😉

Dolphin Browser (FREE) [iTunes link]

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