iPhone 5 anticipation is even hotter than it was for the iPhone 4

We’d all hoped that the iPhone 5 would be released this past summer, but since June blew right by without a successor to the iPhone 4, anticipation for it seems to be rocketing. However, it doesn’t seem to be hurting the current iPhone, as it is still the best-selling smartphone in the world–an astounding feat given its 14-month time on the market.

BGR reports:

According to a recent survey conducted by RBC Capital Markets, Apple’s iPhone 5 is seeing “unprecedented demand” ahead of its release, which is expected next month. Headed by analyst Mike Abramsky, the investment bank polled 2,200 people between August 2nd and August 10th, and found that 31% of respondents were very likely or somewhat likely to purchase an iPhone 5 once it launches. Ahead of the iPhone 4 release last year, a similar RBC survey found that 25% of consumers planned to purchase the smartphone.

Delayed expectations and a non-stop rumor mill have undoubtedly set the hype, but the anticipation seems to come from satisfied iPhone users, too. In fact, 66% of current iPhone users plan to upgrade to the next iteration of the Apple smartphone. However, users surveyed by RBC Capital Markets say that they would be less inclined to switch carriers for the iPhone 5. 54% of Sprint users and 53% of T-Mobile users would likely buy the iPhone 5 if it were going to be offered by their respective carriers.

Head analyst for RBC Capital Markets Mike Abramsky estimates that 27 million iPhones will be shipped by Apple during the first quarter of 2012, and that the iPad will do equally well with 12.5 million units.

Despite Steve Jobs’ departure and Tim Cook’s new role, it looks like business as usual for Apple. Quarter after quarter, the Cupertino-based company exceeds forecasts and predictions, and its range of iOS devices continue to do incredibly well against the rising army of Android devices from Google and its hardware partners.

Are you a current iPhone 4 owner looking to upgrade to the next model when it’s released?

[Via: BGR]

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