Instagram for Android is officially in the works

Instagram opens up real-time API for next-gen apps

Instagram, the incredibly successful photo-sharing app for iPhone, is finally headed to Android but there’s no word on when it will land.

The app debuted in the App Store a little over a year ago, and up until now has remained exclusive to the iPhone. In that short amount of time,  Instagram has been able to attract 15 million users.

“We have two people working on Android right now,” said CEO Kevin Systrom at the LeWeb conference today. “I’m excited to be able to see our numbers today nearly double.”

Instagram has hinted at an Android app in the past, so don’t hold your breath for a debut any time soon. Systrom didn’t give a release date or even a target schedule for Android, so for now one might deem it as simply under development.

Instagram is one of my favorite iPhone apps, and currently has a special place on my home screen. It has become such a hit due to its unique feature-set, excellent execution of mobile photo sharing, and elegant design. Systrom, on the other hand, credits some of its success to the iPhone 4 itself: “The screen and the camera on the iPhone 4 really was a turning point. It was really disruptive.”

The CEO also briefly spoke about advertising on Instagram, since the app is not presently bringing in revenue. The advertising platform he has in mind for the future is similar to that of Twitter, in that brands would promote their products through sponsored photos.

[via CNET]

  • guest

    i wonder how well instagram will do on android given that cameras on most android phones  have editing capabilities i.e. filters and they take it one step forward with cropping features as well. I’m looking forward to a possible web version of instagram because developers have already developed some cool web services that leverage instagram. 

    • I’d say that Instagram will do well, since there are plenty of Android users anticipating its release, but not as well as on iOS for the reason you pointed out among other things. The main attractions would be to share photos to multiple sites at once, and to follow photos of friends who own other phones, including iPhones.

  • Anonymous

    Cant wait for this to hit the market… that instagram!

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