HTC EVO 3D update removes Carrier IQ

Last week, Sprint rolled out an update to its HTC EVO 3D handset but what many people didn’t know was the upgrade removed the controversial software Carrier IQ. Before this upgrade, The Now Network was reported to having somewhere north of 26 million devices carrying Carrier IQ, so this maintenance update shrinks that number down some.

Sprint has 15 other devices carrying the diagnostic analysis software and most people don’t expect them to remove it from those handsets. Carrier IQ may have gotten a bad rep from all of the negative publicity its received over the last few months. The company’s job isn’t to dominate the world, it’s only to aggregate, analyze, and deliver data to wireless carriers and device manufacturers.

This is important because it allows for businesses to understand the quality of service their customers experience. So when people complain about lack of cell service, Carrier IQ’s information would help phone carriers determine whether they need to deploy more towers in that given location.

That said, If you haven’t recieved the update notification yet go to Settings > About Phone > Software as this allows for your phone to get your update. Let us know what you think about Sprint removing Carrier IQ in the comments? Also, tell us what else you’ve noticed in this update?

[via Android Authority]

  • Brian31001

    This update from Sprint is a dog… Made my phone lockup where I have had to pull the battery to recover… Also certain games freeze resulting in Task Manager usage. If I had know I would have waited to update.

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  • Karl Marx

    Getting rid of Carrier IQ is a big plus in my opinion… it shows that sprint is listening to the concern users are voicing regarding privacy issues. I understand the purpose behind the data collection, as mentioned by the author, but if they want to monitor the quality of my cell reception in a given area, then monitor the quality of my cell reception. Don’t also log my texts, browser usage, calls, etc… Feels good to have have big brother out of my pocket, hopefully it will stay that way.

  • Anonymous

    This wouldn’t remove the embedded firmware portion just the software running in the OS. It can be put back just as easily. If it is running the embedded agent the only way to remove it is to flash the entire phone.

  • Tatabryan27

    Update in android market

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