Apple could release ‘Garage Band for e-books’

We know that Apple is planning to hold an event next week that will be focused on iBooks and the latest reports now suggest it could be releasing a program which makes it super simple for users to create their own e-books. That’s right, we may be looking at a “Garage Band for e-books.”

According to sources at Ars Technica, we could be in for a slate of improvements to e-book software, which is still kind of difficult to create. One of the main reasons people like to use Apple computers is because its iPhoto and iMovie software made these relatively-complex processes very easy and accessible to the mainstream and it may do the same for creating e-books.

This is supposed to be part of a strong push into the educational market for Apple, which already is gaining traction with its computers, tablets and smartphone. I’d expect the Garage Band for e-books software to also land on the iPad and iPhone, too. We’ll know the full extent of its offering in just a few days, so keep it locked here and we’ll keep you up to date.

[Via ArsTechnica, photo via Shutterstock, Tischenko Irina]

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