Qualcomm’s “Shoulda got a Snapdragon!” music video is so bad you’ll cry

If the smartphone or tablet you own isn’t made by Apple, then there’s a 40% chance it has a Qualcomm chip inside. How did one company gain that much market share? Simple, they put everything a handset vendor needs to make a smartphone on a tightly integrated hardware platform dubbed “Snapdragon”. Whereas before a company like Nokia or HTC had to source application processors, modems, graphics processors, power amplifiers, Bluetooth/GPS/WiFi modules, and other various bits and bobs from multiple component makers, Qualcomm basically said: “Here, buy this, shove it inside a pretty looking plastic body, and you’re done!”

Nearly every 4G LTE smartphone sold in America runs on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chips. Every Windows Phone that has been sold thus far is using a Snapdragon chip. Samsung, who makes fantastic chips under the Exynos brand, uses Qualcomm’s Snapdragon for the American variants of their devices. Make no mistake, you shouldn’t mess with this company.

This week Qualcomm is hosting their annual “Uplinq” event. Will they announce some additional Snapdragon chips? Probably. It’s not really a gathering meant for press people and consumers, it’s more for hardware partners; thing of it as a business to business affair. With so many of Qualcomm’s clients at one particular venue, this is the perfect opportunity to serenade them by reaffirming their decision to pick the Snapdragon platform instead of a competitor’s solution. The video you see below, “Shoulda got a Snapdragon!“, is what’s being shown to attendees.

Now we’re not going to pretend that we’re music industry experts, but we can safely say that this video is hands-down one of the worst productions ever commissioned by a group of marketing people. Who in their right mind saw this and thought to themselves that it should be put up on YouTube for all to point and laugh at?

[Via: Mobile Industry Review]

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