GSM Nation start pre-orders for Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S4, shipping April 19

Galaxy S4 coming to Eastern Europe within two weeks

We have great news for those of you out there itching to get your hands on the Samsung Galaxy S4. Phone retailer GSM Nation has started pre-orders of the GS4, with shipments going out this Friday, April 19. At the moment customers are only able to get the 16GB model in the “Black Mist” color.

The device comes with the usual bells and whistles such as a Full HD resolution on a 4.99 inch screen, Quad-core 1.8 GHz Cortex-A15 & Quad-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A7, with 2GB of RAM to go along with it. Not to mention an impressive 13MP camera. For a bonus, Dropbox will offer up to 32GB of cloud storage for free.

Now getting the Galaxy S 4 unlocked won’t come cheap. The latest Samsung flagship will set folks back a cool thousand.

Hit the link below if you’re thinking of splurging.

Source: GSM Nation






  • del78

    $1K for an unlocked S4? really?

  • del78

    i also noticed no 1700 GSM band. for those T-mobile users, that may be a concern.

    • Not anymore T-mobile has converted their 3.5 G HSPA+ network to the 1900 band in many markets and more as we speak as a result this phone will have t-mobile 3G support sort of in many places more to come.

  • OctaCored

    This site is a joke. They have always over-promised and under-delivered. They will not have stock until May, but yet they post their pre-order page and then beg sites like this to pick up their stories. You know that IntoMobile is getting a review unit promised to them. They should have asked to see the unit before they posted this misleading report. Reporting used to be what was best for the reader, now it’s only what’s best for the writer.

  • David

    gsm nation is a joke, they always have overpriced phones and they ship these phones from china not from CT, don’t deal with this company

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