ZTE Grand S Flex to come with a bigger 2,300mAh battery

ZTE Grand S Flex to come with a bigger 2,300mAh battery

ZTE’s flagship smartphone Grand S may still not be available across the globe, but that doesn’t mean the Chinese company is standing still. In fact, it is working to fix one of the phone’s biggest flaws – battery life. You see, that 6.9mm thin body comes with a caveat, housing a rather small 1,780mAh battery. As you can imagine, that’s not enough to power the phone’s big 5-inch screen for long so Chinese are opting for a middle road. And that involves leaving the thin/original Grand S, while also offering a version with a bigger 2,300mAh battery that (obviously) has a slightly thicker body. So the Grand S Flex was born, or it will be born soon.

The information we’ve got comes from the French site Frandroid, which claims that this device will be available in France starting September, with some other European countries likely to get it in the same period.

As a reminder, ZTE isn’t the first handset maker to offer the same phone in two versions where one of them has a bigger battery. Just think of the RAZR and RAZR MAXX series, though we’re not sure how that “worked” for Motorola. Perhaps ZTE will have more luck. We’ll see…

[Via: Unwired View]

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