Android Jelly Bean Now On 45% Of All Devices

Last month, Android Jelly Bean became the most used version of the mobile operating system and its now climbed more than 5% to 45.1%.

Now Android 4.0 and up take up 66.8% of all Android devices, with Android 2.3 Gingerbread and below holding on to 33.1%. There’s a good chance that Honeycomb won’t be shown in next month’s distribution numbers, as Google no longer counts versions of the OS lower than 0.1% distribution, which is exactly where Honeycomb sits right now.

Android 4.3 has yet to get a dent into the chart, but it should be popping up soon with newer devices and upcoming updates to existing handsets. Of course, now that we’re all laser focused on seeing what Android KitKat has to offer, so the latest (and last) version of Jelly Bean isn’t much to write home about.

It’s going to take quite a bit of time for KitKat to catchup to Jelly Bean, unless Google has finally come up with a solution for getting updates to handsets in a more timely fashion. Then again, manufacturer and carrier customization will always slow these updates down.

[Via: AndroidDeveloper]

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