Sprint and Best Buy Team Up to Give Students a Free Phone Line for a Year!

Being a student is not the most lucrative thing in the world. Paying for a fancy smartphone plan is tough when you’re rapidly racking up debt and spending any money you have on alcohol after class. Now Sprint and Best Buy have a crazy new offer for students that will give them phone service without cutting into their ramen and Pabst budget!

All kidding aside, this is a heck of a deal and it isn’t only for college students either. All students can have a line added to their parents plan. The  line comes with unlimited talk and text, and 1GB of data (upgradeable to Unlimited for only $10). You’ll have to purchase a device for full price at Best Buy, so expect to see a lot of entry-level handsets moving off the shelves at the electronics retailer. Any student, even elementary school-age kids can get in on this deal. Why those kids would ever have a smartphone is beyond me, but I digress.

It’s too bad the Moto G won’t be out in the states in time, because it would be the perfect handset for this offer at its low $179 price. The offer is only good until Jan. 4th next year.

This is a pretty sweet deal for students (or their parents). Sound off in the comments and check out Sprint’s announcement below!

Mon, 18 Nov 2013 11:35:00 EST
Best Buy and Sprint Offering Free Talk, Text and Data for 12 Months to Students Activating a New Line
Students can get 12 months of free talk, text and data when they purchase a Sprint phone at Best Buy stores through Jan. 4

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. (BUSINESS WIRE), November 18, 2013 – Best Buy and Sprint today announced a game-changing Sprint offer – just in time for the holidays – giving students 12 months of free talk, text and data from Sprint when they 1) buy a Sprint phone at the Student Activated Price at Best Buy, and 2) activate a new line of service on an Unlimited, My Way plan1.

“This exclusive Sprint offer allows students to buy a new smartphone and get a year of free talk, text and data and several hundred dollars in savings,” said Scott Anderson, vice president of mobile phones for Best Buy. “Our customers expect exclusive products from Best Buy and now they are getting exclusive mobile phone plans, too. It is a demonstration of our unique promise to customers.”

The Sprint plan includes unlimited talk, text and 1GB data for smartphones or unlimited talk and text for basic phones and does not require a two-year agreement on the students’ lines. The promotion, offering a savings of up to $70 per month, is available exclusively at Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile stores nationwide starting today through Jan. 4, 2014.

Customers are responsible for the cost of the phone at the Student Activated Price, a one-time $36 activation fee and monthly taxes and surcharges. For unlimited studying, there is also an option to easily add unlimited data for $10 per month. All phone pricing and plan information is available at www.bestbuy.com/sprintstudentoffer. Students can take advantage of in-store Trade-In options for their existing mobile phone at Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile store locations nationwide. Customers who purchase their Sprint phone on a Best Buy Credit Card can also take advantage of 18-month financing or five percent back in rewards.

For every additional new referral phone line of service activated on Unlimited, My Way or My All-in plans to the same account at Best Buy, Sprint will reward the account with an additional 12 months of free service for the student line. The referral customer must activate during the offer period with a two-year agreement.

“We are excited about this groundbreaking approach to helping students connect to the latest wireless technology and to the advantages of today’s mobile learning environment,” said Jeff Hallock, senior vice president of marketing for Sprint. “As a market leader in consumer electronics committed to improving the customer experience and to lessening its impact on the environment, Best Buy is a perfect partner for Sprint in revolutionizing the way we bring new products and services to students.”

Customers are required to provide proof of student status to Sprint within 14 days of activation at www.sprint.com/studentverify. For more information, visit www.bestbuy.com/sprintstudentoffer.

1Unlimited talk, text and 1GB data/mo. for smartphones (Reg. $70/mo. Add’l data above 1GB: 1.5¢/MB) or with blocked data for basic phones (Reg. $50/mo.)

[Via: Sprint Newsroom]

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