Audi Smart Display tablet coming to an Audi car near you

Audi Smart Display tablet coming to an Audi car near you

Audi unveiled its very first tablet at CES. As you would imagine, this device isn’t made for a mainstream user, but a future Audi owner who will be able to use it to get information about his/her vehicle, run diagnostics, get driving directions, weather forecast and so on.

Powered by a fast Tegra 4 chip, the Audi Smart Display rocks a 10.2-inch full HD screen and a custom software that runs on top of Android. It’s one tough and durable device, designed to withstand the harsh temperatures that can be encountered in a car, which could be left out in the cold or in the blistering sun. According to the car maker, the tablet will keep working at temperatures ranging from -40°C to and 80°C, so its owners shouldn’t have to worry about it.

Aside from the default apps provided by the company, Audi Smart Display will also be able to run any number of apps from the Google Play Store…

The car maker failed to provide availability details, but knowing them, this won’t be a device made for everyone. It may, however, come included with top Audi models like A6 and A8. We’ll see…

[Via: AndroidCentral]

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