Nokia X will be the name of the Finnish company’s first Android smartphone

Nokia X will be the name of the Finnish company's first Android smartphone

Time and time again we’ve been telling your about Nokia’s unannounced Android smartphone. Dubbed Project Normandy, this device — presuming it’s ever released — may be known as Nokia X, EVleaks has discovered. That’s a simple name that would help the phone stand apart from other models sold by the Finnish company.

Alas, we’re not sure whether this particular handset will ever be released or will be scrapped as part of a deal with Microsoft. As soon as Nokia becomes a subsidiary of the Redmond giant, engineers who used to work on the Nokia X will likely be told to focus their attention elsewhere.

But, these sort of deals (acquisitions) take time to materialize, giving us hope that Nokia will launch its very first Android smartphone before turning all of its attention to various Windows-based products and service. Waiting and seeing is pretty much all we can do at this stage…

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