German officials can’t get enough of BlackBerrys

Angela Merkel holding a BlackBerry

BlackBerry may be losing its consumer market share, but some governments can’t buy enough of their smartphones. Take Germany as an example; the government in Berlin has already deployed around 3,000 encrypted BlackBerry units with Secusmart technology, and that’s just a start. The latest report, coming from the Financial Post, suggests that they’re looking to add another 20,000 BlackBerrys, hoping to prevent the likes of NSA from snooping in.

The Federal Ministry of the Interior spokesperson, Tobias Plate, wouldn’t confirm any number of devices Germany plans to procure, but noted that the number of these highly-secure BlackBerrys is raising in Berlin. He went on to add that only BlackBerry smartphones “comply with the ministry’s security standards for use with Secusmart’s technology” and that the country has federal authority for information security which has checked several smartphones, and “the only brand that was approved by them is the BlackBerry smartphones… It’s the security of the device.”

The Canadian company hasn’t commented on the deal — I guess that can’t do that — only saying that their products are well-known for offering the best security in a mobile device. To that end, they’ve recently acquired the mentioned Secusmart company so they can offer the same kind of deal to governments all around the world. Take that NSA. 😉

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Government official don’t need consumer apps… hence they can go with BlackBerrys…

  • davidwal

    I wish Blackberries had all the apps on 10 that are on android. I do not like side-loading app on a phone so it is a deal breaker. I see the prices on Z10 are low for used ones. Maybe one day I can go back to Blackberry.

    • Kev

      You can download direct android apps from the Amazon app store with the most current bb10 os update. No side loading required.

  • vasras

    Why don’t they just BUY the damn company and make it the world’s most secure phone for business, people and governments who care.

    Americans can then keep using their IOS and Android (NSA approved!)

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