Samsung’s three-sided Yoam display is now in trial production; May end-up on certain Galaxy Note 4 models

Samsung's three-sided Yoam display is now in trial production

As you may know, Samsung is gearing towards launching the next Note in September. We’ve previously reported that this phablet will be available in few different versions, one of which may end-up rocking Sammy’s three-sided Yoam display to enable new kind of user experiences.

According to the Korean media, said screen has entered the trial production, but chances are Sammy won’t have enough of these to cram it in all the Notes it wants to sell. The same report claims that some of Samsung’s partners are having hard time producing enough plastic substrate quantities needed to make this screen. So, we’ll likely get some special edition Note model that will boast this kind of a display.

Needless to say, that special / limited version of the Note 4 will likely cost an arm and a leg, with the Korean giant including some fancy features to make the phablet different from than anything we’ve seen in the past, at least a bit justifying the steep price tag.

Speaking of features, it is said that screens on the sides could be used for notifications, device unlocking, as well as to replace some physical buttons like volume control keys. Moreover, one of the side screens could serve as a bookmarking tool while reading an ebook.

Yes, we expect wonders from a display like this, yet we would have to try it out first before coming to any conclusions. Hopefully, this will be a short wait…

[Via: G4Games, ZDNet Korea]

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    That screen is amazing if you ask me…

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    All I have to say is… USA! USA! USA! PLEASE COME TO THE USA!

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