Samsung, Barnes & Noble to unveil a new Nook tablet (and software?) on August 20th

Samsung, Barnes & Noble to unveil a new Nook tablet on August 20th

We’ve already told that you Samsung is teaming-up with Barnes & Noble to make a custom version of the Galaxy Tab 4 tablet. Well, the two companies are preparing to make this officially official on August 20th, when we may see not one but few Samsung-made Nook tablets. Or not – we can’t really tell.

What we do want to hear at that time is what kind of software this thing will run. Any Nook tablet will be primarily focused on reading, and in that sense, the Korean company may fine-tune its TouchWIZ software to make it easier to access and read all the ebooks users have purchased from the Nook store.

As you would imagine, going to bed with Samsung is B&N’s answer to Amazon’s dominance in the ebook space. The world’s biggest phone maker definitely has the scale to help the book seller reach new customers but is that enough? We’re not really sure.

Meanwhile, Samsung doesn’t shy away from teaming-up with Amazon, as well. The two companies have recently agreed to launch custom Kindle store for Galaxy S5 users and those owning other Galaxy-branded devices. So whether the deal with Barnes & Noble works or not, it won’t affect Sammy’s bottom line in a big way.

  • PeterSteinbeck

    As far as Samsung is concerned, they’ll team-up with everyone as long as they sell more phones and tablets.

  • joe watson

    Note 4 tab? How many different products does Samsung have?

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