In case you haven’t noticed, Apple just entered 4 new markets

Apple just entered 4 new markets

Yesterday was a big day for Apple, and we would add – the entire mobile industry. Apple announced few new products, some of which will undoubtedly sell like crazy. Or be used extensively.

You may not be perfectly satisfied with what Cook & Co. came up with, but you gotta agree that these are good times for Apple’s shareholders. What media forgot to tell you is that yesterday Apple has entered 4 new markets, potentially opening up several new streams of incomes.

Here are those markets.

1. Phablets

Up until this point, iPhones were known for their pocket-ability. That’s no longer the case. You may not like the end result, but that doesn’t matter a lot. People is Asia love big devices and Asia is where the most growth is coming from these days. I would go on to add that the iPhone 6 Plus is primarily made for the Far-East regions of the world, though I’m sure this unit will sell like cupcakes in the West, as well.

2. Watches

Apple is going for your wrist. To be perfectly honest I expected more from the iWatch / Apple Watch. At least a circular display option. Then again, I would still have to try out the Apple Watch before coming to any conclusion. And yet again I’m sure the Cupertino giant will move a ton of these despite the fact that their Watch isn’t water-proof. It’s water-resistant though, which means you can use it in the rain.

3. Mobile payments

The earlier rumors were true – Apple has indeed teamed-up with major credit card companies and is set to turn its brand-new iPhones into contactless payment instruments. With many users already having their credit card records in iTunes, it would be seamless for Apple to quickly gain wide adoption. Heck, I would say that by the first quarter of next year, iPhone payments will represent the vast majority of mobile transactions.

And that’s not all; with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus integrating NFC chips, we’re all set for mobile ticketing take-off. This was something many service providers were waiting for.

4. Healthcare

Last but definitely not the least – healthcare. Apple announced the Health app and HealthKit platform during this year’s WWDC, but now they’re about to actually launch the new iOS 8 with all these fancy capabilities.

Cook & Co. have managed to corner some of the top healthcare providers and could easily emerge as an important factor in the health industry. Sure, it’s a very different industry, but… this is Apple we’re talking about here. Before you know it, companies from all around the sector will be running to make their products and services sync with HealthKit.

For what it matters, healthcare accounts for one fifth of US’ GDP, leaving a ton of room for Apple to get its share of the pie.

So as I said it before, these are good days for Apple’s shareholders. 😉

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Ohh yeah. Apple’s gonna kill it, again…

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