Dell Venue 8 7840 is the best Android tablet, ever

Dell Venue 8 7840

While we wait for the upcoming Nexus 8 / 9 to be officially announced, Dell used Intel’s developer conference in San Francisco to show the world it can make a great tablet, after all.

The newly unveiled Dell Venue 8 7840 obviously boasts an Intel-made chip (Atom Z3580 quad-core processor clocked at 2.3GHz) and a super-slim, 6.4mm body. Yes, this is the thinnest Android tablet ever (as far as we know), but that doesn’t mean it has mid- or, God forbid, low-end specs.

That (OLED) screen has an 8.4-inch diagonal and can “cope” with 2560 x 1600 pixels. Moreover, there’s also an 8-megapixel rear-facing camera that can perform several handy tricks.

Dell and Intel equipped the Venue 8 7840 with three cameras so it could triangulate distance of objects and take measurements inside photos. For instance, if you need to find out the dimensions of a car, you will be able to do so with Dell’s upcoming tablet.

And that’s not all. These cameras also allow for Lytro-like effects, enabling refocus after the image has been taken. Future Dell Venue 8 7840 owners will be able to go into the Gallery app and tweak photos afterwards.

So yes, there’s a lot to love about Dell’s new tablet. Alas, we don’t know when it will be launched nor how much it will cost once that happens. Chances are we’ll see it hitting the stores just in time for the upcoming Christmas season. And yes, it will come with a premium price tag.

Anyone looking to get one of these?

[Via: Droid-life, Gizmodo]

  • PeterSteinbeck

    Sounds awesome. If Dell could also launch a keyboard dock or case, I would be willing to buy one of these.

  • uSKY

    hope it coming to whole world, not just US….

  • P0l0nium

    “Best Ever” requires some benchmarks and some user experience.

    Nothing to see here … move along quietly.

  • The Calm Critic

    Can’t take that design seriously. Innards are more than sufficient but a chin that’s also the only front speaker or am I looking at this wrong?

  • CJ Jacobs

    This site must be owned by The Verge because that’s the same claim they made. And how such a claim can be made about a device that hasn’t been released, much less put through its paces is beyond me. I guess the writer is psychic.

  • Gregory C Newman

    Windows 9 threshold would be awesome on this device with customizable virtual screens as well as the Start screen with it’s tiles and the regular Windows desktop screen

  • EmperorAbby

    Did this article just declare a product the “best ever” without even having seen it in person? There is *nothing* in the text that indicates this opinion is based on anything more than a company’s marketing. That’s not reporting, that’s paid advertising disguised as reporting!

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