Microsoft Surface 3 and Surface mini coming soon?

Microsoft Surface 3 and Surface mini coming soon?

Well what do you know. Microsoft may launch the previously canceled (from what we’ve heard) Surface mini, after all.

According to TK Tech News’ tweet, the Redmond giant may soon unveil both the Surface mini and Surface 3. It is my understanding that both slates will run Windows RT, which could be a big downer for many users. The fact is that you don’t get to install many apps on the RT device is deal-breaker for many, myself included. The upcoming Windows 10 will finally unite all of the different Windows versions and in the meantime, we’re not sure that another Windows RT device is needed.

Yes, Microsoft wants to get back some of the money it spent on R&D, but will they actually manage to do that? The original Surface and Surface 2 weren’t really selling like crazy; quite the contrary, the two produced a massive loss for the company, and chances are the Surface 3 will continue that trend.

When it comes to the Surface mini, I personally think that could be a winner. Alas, it too faces the “app count problem” though if it gets released alongside the touch-optimized version of Office, it stands a chance to succeed. A small tablet with detachable keyboard that has the Office suite makes for a useful tool for mobile warriors all around the world.

Bear in mind this is still a rumor and things could change quickly. We’ll be on the lookout for additional information and get back to you as soon as we have something new to add. Stay tuned…

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  • Gregory C Newman

    Folks People who have bought the surface RT and the surface 2 have for the most part liked the experience. many have considered them better than the Ipad Air but are sad that developers have not made many apps for them. No doubt that the Surface 3 and the Mini Surface will get their RT OS updated to Windows 10 mobile and wall run Microsoft’s Universal Apps Don’t be shocked if they are not bought to the market until Windows 10 is launched. I predict that Windows 10 will launce in July or August 2015 because Microsoft and it’s OEM’s will want their
    NEW Desktop Computers and Tablets, Laptops that Run Windows 10 to be on sale before the Christmas season of 2015

  • VFanRJ

    The RT is perfect for my college aged daughter who has always seemed to be a malware magnet. The RT includes a license for Office, which is a big deal, and is highly secure against malware. With all this, my daughter’s primary interest in the RT was it’s size and weight. She had no interest carrying a full laptop around campus all day.
    As for my Surface 2 I’ve been completely satisfied and would buy another.

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