Meet Google’s New Augmented Reality Game, ‘Endgame’

Google’s Niantic Labs is no stranger to augmented reality, launching the smash AR game Ingress almost two years ago. Niantic Labs has a new project, one that is way more ambitious than Ingress. The new project Endgame involves a sprawling literary universe written by Jame Frey and Nils Johnson-Shelton called Endgame. Endgame spans three novels, the first of which was just released. As the novels roll out, so the augmented reality game will expand. it’s beginning now as a website, with the mobile app component of the game rolling out early next year. Unlike Ingress, Endgame will utilize a huge variety of mediums to deliver what’s sure to be an amazing AR experience.

Check out the trailers below, and head here if you’d like a longer read on Endgame.

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