SNAP! 6 is one of the most useful iPhone 6 cases we’ve seen


If there were no for Typo Cover, the newly unveiled SNAP! 6 would be the most useful iPhone 6 case, ever.

What’s special about this case is that it turns your beloved Jesusphone into a full-blown camera, all with the dedicated shutter button that won’t stand on your way while taking photos either with rear and front-facing camera. What’s more, there are interchangeable lenses (macro and wide-angle) giving you “amazing details, quality and wider perspective.”

It’s worth adding that we’ve seen other iPhone cases offering interchangeable lenses, but this one looks easier to use, not least thanks to the patent-pending shutter-design that promises to deliver the same kind of feel and experience when using a real camera.

Unfortunately though, the SNAP! 6 case is not readily available and in order to get one of these, you’ll have to go through Kickstarter where you can preorder a single unit for $35. In case you wonder, the campaign has already surpassed its funding goal. Check out the demo video below.

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