Lenovo to launch a new brand to compete with Xiaomi

Lenovo Vibe Z2

Lenovo is looking to launch a new brand in China — and we guess few other Asian countries — to compete with Xiaomi. If everything goes as planned, said brand/company will be open for business starting from April 2015.

The Chinese giant is already owning Motorola and we’re not sure they really need another brand to manage, but what do I know. In a way, with yet another company in its portfolio, Lenovo’s strategy will start to look like the one GM used to employ, relying on a number of different brands to cater toward different customer groups. And look how that worked for GM.

The way I see things, Lenovo would be better off launching some new series of (Lenovo-branded) devices that compete with Xiaomi’s products. Or that could be a line of special Moto devices. Yes, that’s similar to what Samsung is doing with its Galaxy Alpha phones.

In any case, Lenovo’s mobile business keeps growing like crazy. They may struggle to reach customers in the West, but in their home market of China, they have no problems selling millions of phones every quarter.

Perhaps their product manager Ashton Kutcher could help them launch a ThinkPad or Yoga phone. There’s an idea. 😉

[Via: WSJ, Engadget]

  • PaperBoy

    Who wrote this article? It’s not very informative at all, Very sarcastic and quite honestly, the person who wrote this sounds like a jerk off.

    • PaperBoy

      In fact, just reading the title could have summed it all up

  • superg05

    if they actually launched pones that look like that here they would sell

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