Microsoft’s upcoming wearable caught at the FCC

Microsoft smart watch sketch

We’ve already told you that Microsoft is working on a smart watch of its own. Said device — which will apparently work with iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices — has been caught at the FCC, hinting us that its launch is pretty much imminent.

While we can’t say exactly when will the Redmond giant unveil its first modern wearable, chances are they will want to benefit from the upcoming Christmas shopping craze, and have the product in stores in the next few weeks. Moreover, this would also give the company a head start over the also-upcoming Apple Watch (which won’t be available until early 2015).

From what we’ve understood, Microsoft’s device will be able to keep up with your fitness activities, while also delivering notifications to one’s wrist. It won’t be a full blown smart watch that can run apps, but will rather look more like the Samsung Gear Fit. Perhaps that’s the better way to kick off this market for Microsoft with something more powerful coming at a later date.

It remains to be seen how much Microsoft’s wearable will cost and whether it will be available all around the world. If our predictions are right, we’ll have all answers in the next few weeks. Stay tuned in the meantime…

[Via: WindowsPhoneDaily]

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