OPPO preparing to launch a super-thin phone alongside the N3 flagship?

Oppo teaser

OPPO has started sending invites for its October 29th event during which we expect to see the N3 officially announced.

The teaser image shows a couple of devices partly hidden behind curtains. One of these is definitely the N3, whereas the other one, according to the GizChina report, could be something completely different, something unique.

If latest rumors are to be believed, the Chinese firm is preparing to unveil what could be the next device to take the “world’s slimmest phone” crown with a 4mm-thin body. We can’t really ponder a device this thin, but could easily imagine that it’s easy to break. Moreover, we would assume OPPO had to accept some compromises while making such thin device; so — presuming this device actually launches — we expect it to target mid- rather than high-end of the market.

In related news, the OPPO N3 will apparently rock a rotatable camera that, this time around, will have a rotation motor engine. We’re not sure about the underlying hardware, but we do expect this to be one of the best phablets money could buy. For one thing, it will definitely be the best selfie-taking phablet, ever (since you’ll be relying on the same camera for both “regular” photos and selfies).

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