Samsung Galaxy S6 currently in development, internally known as Project Zero

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The next device in the Galaxy S series gotta be something special in order to get Samsung back on track. The Korean company has failed to deliver the goods with the Galaxy S5 — as attested by their latest quarterly results — so the Galaxy S6 has to be much better than its predecessor.

Sure, the S5 has that amazing Super AMOLED screen and the built-in heart rate monitor, but it’s also much more expensive than competing products. These, and some other factors, have prompted many users to pick other brands over Samsung.

So we’re not surprised to learn that the company’s top people are working round the clock to make the Galaxy S6 the phone everyone will want to buy.

According to SamMobile, the development has already started and the phone’s codename, Project Zero, indicates Sammy is preparing to start from a clean sheet of paper. In comparison, the Galaxy S4 was known as Project J, Galaxy Note 3 as Project H, Galaxy S5 as Project K, and Galaxy Note 4 as Project T.

We do expect more metal parts — perhaps even an all-metal body like the one HTC One has — along with other top-notch specs, and some funky technologies that should help the company differentiate its smartphone from every other phone that will be offered at that time. Can’t wait to see what Samsung comes up with. 😉

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