Android 5.0 Lollipop Now Available for the Unlocked 2014 Moto G

Well this certainly is interesting. The first Android device to receive Android 5.0 Lollipop is…the 2014 Moto G? Not exactly what any of us were expecting, but good news nonetheless. Lollipop is currently rolling out OTA to unlocked 2014 Moto G in the U.S. While there have been a few soak tests recently for the LG G3 and 2014 Moto X, a final version of Lollipop has yet to roll out to Nexus devices, which traditionally receive the newest version of Android before any other device.

The update is 386.7MB, so be sure to have plenty of battery and be connected to WiFi before downloading.

As for carrier variants of the Moto G, there’s no sign of Lollipop yet. Each carrier will have to certify the update before it begins rolling out, which tacks on a little more time. At any rate, the news of the update does point to imminent release of Lollipop for Nexus, Google Play Edition and other devices soon, perhaps by the end of the week.


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