Android: How to change an app icon

Icon Changer

You may want to customize your Android phone by assigning different-than-default icons to some of the apps. That is possible on some devices, with some vendors making it hard to change anything on their products. You could root the phone and then change pretty much everything, but that would require some serious effort and a savvy individual tweaking the OS.

The solution I’m about to present here is easy, but it may not work on all Android devices. If you can install it though – you can use it.

To change the app icons, you’ll need the application called Icon Changer, which is available in free and paid versions, the latter of which (obviously) comes with additional features. Even the free app should “get the job done” though.

Once you install Icon Changer, the process of customizing the look and feel of app icons is easy:

  • Select application or activity you want to mark with a different icon
  • Choose a new image from the gallery / icon package
  • You’re good to go.

It’s really that easy.

And don’t worry, icons do not change permanently. When you want to “get back to normal,” simply uninstall Icon Changer and see everything fitting back to its place. Good luck. 😉

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