Samsung Gear S could be the best smart watch, but it needs these 4 things first

Samsung Gear S

The Samsung Gear S is a polarizing device. While some think it’s trying to do too many things at once, others like it for its built-in 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity (there’s a new version in Japan with Wi-Fi only connectivity, FYI). That big 2-inch 480×360-pixel AMOLED screen is also controversial as it makes the watch too big to fit every wrist out there.

There are few things missing to make the Gear S the perfect smart watch. Here they are:

1. Compatibility with other phones

Not everyone has a Samsung-made product, and not everyone wants to buy one. The Korean company obviously wants to keep its powerful watch exclusive for its “inner circle” of customers, but by doing so it’s losing potential customers. The Gear S, as far as I’m concerned, should sing along all Android phones, as well as those running Windows Phone and perhaps even iOS and BlackBerry 10.

2. It gotta be more independent

Since it has a built-in SIM card, you would think it can do many things without requiring a smartphone connection. Think again – for many things you’ll still need a Gear app running on a relatively recent Samsung device. Not sure why that’s the case and I can only hope Sammy will fix this with some future firmware update.

3. More apps

Samsung did its best to engage developers’ interest but there’s still room for improvement — in comparison, Android Wear is growing at a much faster pace. Right now, you can browse the web on your wrist with Opera Mini, manage tasks with EasilyDo and WunderList, get turn-by-turn navigation, pay for stuff with PayPal, track fitness activities with Runtastic, listen to interesting articles with Umano, cyber schmooze on Facebook and Twitter, and even benefit from fast reading with Spritz.

4. Price

The final piece of the equation is the price. As I’m writing this, the Gear S is sold for around $350. That’s a lot of money and considering all of the caveats I mentioned above, I’m not sure it’s worth that much. Except if you have enough disposable income and happily live in Samsung’s universe.

I want the Gear S myself. I love the idea of being able to go through the news on my wrist and I have no problems wearing such big watch. However, I don’t nor even intend to own a Samsung smartphone in the near future, which makes me “unsuitable” to get the Gear S. Hopefully, the Korean giant will re-think its decision to tie wearables to its phones, and open-up the market for many new customers. Then, I may be interested to grab one of these. 😉

  • spotted

    I’ve had mine since day one. If opera browser had the ability for flash, you could do much more with this without the need for apps like streaming pandora or netflix. I’ve contacted several app companies about releasing something for the watch and they all have said they won’t be focusing on Tizen anytime in the near future. If this could run android it would be better received for sure. You HAVE to use the slow stock messaging app on your phone in order to reply to texts. As well as the stock email app on your phone. Huge disappointment. I use the s voice all of the time for hands free calling and texting. The speaker is actually very good and can easily be heard with the windows up and radio off. The people I’m talking to say the ease of hearing and clarity is amazing. It has to fit snug on your wrist in order to get a correct heart rate but it does function well with the fitness and running apps. The size of the screen isn’t really that big of a deal on my small wrist. It is very light weight. The battery acts as a recharger. So if you are running out of battery and don’t have time to wait or a plug in, just put the battery on it and it recharges the watch. You can wear the watch with battery attached but it’s very bulky. I’ve been getting about two days on the watch with low use. Over all I’d say I like it. It’s fun to show off. I’m nerd that way. Do you need one? No, not really. And with that said Samsung needs to hire me to shape up and ramp up their marketing efforts. They are going about it all wrong. I honestly think that if this were competing directly with android watches it would be a winner. But this reinventing the wheel with but one car your wheel fits onto is going to halt any future the profuct might have. I’m not looking for it to just be pretty, I’m looking for it to be functional and easily be life adaptable. I can’t do that without apps and customization.
    Overall, I think you’ll be happy and have fun with it. But it’s not a necessity or a game changer.

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