U.S. Cellular Now Selling the Nexus 6 for $199

U.S. Cellular is the latest U.S. carrier to offer the highly sought after Nexus 6. The carrier has both 32 and 64GB versions of Motorola’s beast in both Midnight Blue and Cloud White colors. Customers can purchase the device outright and use a pre-paid plan or opt for a few hundred bucks upfront and a two-year contract. Here’s how U.S. Cellular’s Nexus 6 pricing breaks down:

Two-year contract

32GB – $199.88

64GB – $249.99

Purchase outright

32GB – $660

64GB – $730

Hit up the source link below and grab your Nexus 6 if you’re so inclined.



  • Andre Mesquita

    my new nexus 6 had a week and is in this state: the back of the phone just pie as if the battery had swollen….

  • abdur rahim

    motorola company should take better and strong marketing they have more best smartphone in word market but there marketing stagy is very week.

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