It’s A Christmas Miracle! Sony Will Show ‘The Interview’ on Christmas Day After All

What a long, strange trip it’s been. After deciding not to distribute ‘The Interview’ for its planned Christmas Day release, Sony has green lit a few screenings of the film for Christmas Day and announced a limited theatrical release. So far the raucous comedy starring James Flacco (haha) and Seth Rogen is being shown in a few theaters across the country come Christmas, and we’re sure to see more theaters added to that list soon as Sony has finally stepped up to the plate.

In case you missed the drama, Sony pulled ‘The Interview’ after a group of hackers called the GOP vaguely threatened to attack U.S. theaters that screened The Interview. Sony then cancelled the release, pissing off a whole lot of people including President Obama, who had harsh words for Sony. The FBI and Obama assert that North Korea was behind the threats and the massive Sony hack, but many nerds and hackers aren’t quite buying that story.

What could have easily been the biggest flop of the season is now destined to rake in a whole lot of money. I mean it’s not everyday that you get the President of the United States to give your movie a shout out.

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