Lenovo vs Xiaomi fight starts in April with Lenovo’s “Fancy Maker” brand

Lenovo booth

We’ve already heard that Lenovo is looking to fight Xiaomi with a new brand that will take orders exclusively from the web, thus allowing the company to cut costs on distribution. Now, we have a new detail to add to the story, thanks to the MyDrivers report (and brought to our attention by PhoneArena).

Lenovo’s Senior Vice President, Chen Xudong, has recently revealed the name of the company’s Xiaomi-killing brand – “Fancy Maker.” Yes, that sounds a lot like Moto Maker, which shouldn’t come as a surprise given the fact that Lenovo now owns Motorola.

From what we can imagine — ’cause no details were provided — the new brand will offer customizable phones to the users, allowing them to choose between different styles, and who knows – perhaps even select the kind of CPU, the amount of RAM and camera megapixel count they would like to have under the hood. We’re speculating at this moment, but we’re sure Lenovo has all the resources in the world to pull this off.

In any case, we expect to see high-end devices offered at mid-end prices. That strategy works for Xiaomi and we see no good reason why it shouldn’t work for Lenovo, as well. They’ll need to make those phones look great, but that shouldn’t be a problem; you’ve seen Lenovo’s Sisley S90, right?

Alas, we’re not sure whether these affordable (and fancy) phones will be a China-only affair or not. We’ll be getting back to this story in the days and weeks to come. Stay tuned in the meantime, k?

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