YouTube for Kids to keep children safe, help Google get new users

YouTube for Kids

Google is apparently preparing to unveil a child-friendly YouTube app on February 23rd, USA Today is reporting.

The application will be completely separate from regular YouTube, boasting a super easy to grasp UI with icons such as TV for TV shows, radio for music videos, light bulb for educational clips, and binoculars for discovering top videos.

In addition, YouTube for Kids will also filter out the content Google deems inappropriate for children. Aside from many videos, the application will also remove comments since those can often be more “dangerous” than the actual clip they refer to.

Parents on their end will be able to fine-tune settings, adding and removing content from the black list as they fancy. Nevertheless, even the default setup should work for vast majority of users.

USA Today doesn’t mention a thing about ads, so we’ll have to presume they’ll remain in place, helping the content makers keep offering their content for free. More to come, obviously.

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