Nokia N73 update ready

Following the E62 and N93, Nokia released another update, this time for their “ultimate challenge to the digital camera” – N73. Last time I wrote about N73’s update, the firmware version was 2.0628.0.0.3. The new update brings Nokia N73’s firmware version to 3.0638.0.0.1. Seems drastic, doesn’t it?

Well, we don’t know what’s new at the moment – Symbian-Freak still looks for the change log. Aside from the usual performance improvement and fixing of known bugs and problems, my guess is that some programs were updated and maybe some added (i.e. Search).

Nokia N73 update

  • Andreas

    hm, how come I often times find no link to the item that is featured in the news? For example, with this post I get numerous links to SymbianWatch pages and other pages reporting about the update, but I can’t find a link to Nokia’s update website itself. It’s something that I’ve noticed about many SymbianWatch news posts: they often times seem not to link to the source or page that’s mentioned in the news post itself… or is it and I’m just not seeing it?

    So how do I get to the update site without having to dig through numerous other posts?

  • dusanb

    Hi Andreas,

    You’re right and thanks for the critic.

    We’ll try to add the link at the bottom – pointing directly to the page you should visit. In most posts you have that. I’ve missed it here.

    Cross-linking will always be presented – it’s the way of the hyper text. 🙂

    Anyway, the direct link to the Nokia Software Updater is:,1522,,00.html?orig=/softwareupdate

  • dhaif

    I need full package updates for Nokia N73

  • XL3/\/7

    The link to gsm-magic is dead but it’s useless anyway. The latest version of NSS has the ability to change the code without gsm-magic. Omit this step “Open « gsm-magic » without closing NSS, then push the button « Enable » of “gsm-magic”.”.

  • Andy

    I’ve been trying to install the NSS software to change the Product Code of my Nokia 6680. I’m doing this so I can get rid of the bastardisation Orange have done to it.
    I have it connected to my machine with a Nokia Type CA-53 USB cable. But I’m not sure on the ionstallation what device to select.
    Virtual USB, F1 USB, Nemesis USB Multi-Flashing, Diamond protection?
    I’ve tried a couple of them but the software doesn’t detect my phone. Any suggestions?

    Cheers, Andy.

  • Azz

    hy help please!!!! the magic file url has been BLOcKED by the fookin website!! they said they have recieved a number of complaints etc. is there another place where i can get it from? I need that file to complete my flashing!!

  • Toni

    Can anyone give me a spanish code for a Nokia 6680?

    I own a Movistar one, this was my company phone, and it has been unlocked by movistar, and now I want to use with my orange card.

    So if anyone has a product code for Spanish or orange branded 6680 I’ll be happy.

  • Duff Man

    does NSS also work for N93?

  • Mark P

    worked for me! Just using the new version of NSS.

    Great stuff, thanks to all that helped with it.

  • Sixer

    Is there any valid link to ‘gsm magic’?

  • phreak97

    is there any difference between apac and australian firmware? australia is an asia-pacific country, but i’ve seen australian product codes anyway.. however i want an australian n73ie code, and i cant find one.. only apac.

  • ODT

    Excellect brill fanz alot nonki 6630 debranded from orange homescreen yess whoo who!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jaya

    i got n73 and i want to update my phone it’s has lot’s of bugs in it

    i try to change the code but no valid link (snu,gsm magic)not working, please can any body help me…


    code 0539976

  • Dennis

    Hi, could i download the update anywhere?

  • wilmar

    new firmware for n73 music edition

  • babita

    i have format the phone myself and then it start again bt the the problem many software has been deleted like ANTIVIRUS, SEARCH AND MORE i dont know so please now what should i do and to load these software please reply me

  • Frans

    Can one use this trick to update a 9300 communicator?
    If so what would one need to use as code?
    Or is there another way of doing so

  • tracey haswell

    hi will this debrand and unlock my N73 on t-mobile

  • Ricky

    I live in Saudi Arabia (Nokia Middle East) and recently I’ve updated my N73 to V.40727.2.2.1 | 04-07-2007 | RM-133 | Nokia N73 (11). Everything is working fine and all applications open faster. The music player is great (just like N73 Music Edition) built with Equalizer, Visualization, sound widening & Sound loud. However, I’ve got some problems because this update supports only English and Chinese language. I want English, French and Arabic language as stored from the previous or original firmware of my N73. Please help whre to get an updated N73 firmware with Arabic language supports. Thanks Ricky

    • bro would u like to tell me the product code of ur phone plzzzzzz.nd believe me nothing is so special in updating……..

  • Dong

    what’s the product code you flashed when you update?

  • Dong

    also, i have a question, i bought the N73ie in china, but im currently in Australia, with three network sim inside, how can i active the 3 function? such as video talk? when code i need to flash? thx

  • Omar

    How can I make my Nokia 7600 with Arabic language…please help me if if you knew somethink about this

  • james


    I have just inherited my dads N73, which was on 3. We got it unlocked over the phone but now it has my Orange sim in I can’t get it to make or receive calls, or go on the web. Is it because of the 3 software or am I just missing an option somewhere?


  • Tarak

    Hi MY Name is Tarak and i just bought SoftBank705 Nokia N73 from Japan, and now iam in india, and its not working, i can use almost all function in offline mode, but when i put my Hutch AKA now Vodafone,its showing sim not Valid, Pls advise ,

  • Popoy

    Tarak… maybe you havnt openlined your phone yet… coz softbank’s phone maybe are locked to their line there on japan… hope this could help

  • ShizofreniA

    Which update is new for n73???

    I gave v4.0736.3..2.1

  • arif

    hi i have nokia n73 v2.0628.0.0.1 i want to update it fully. plz anyone help .i hav tried much but no results.plz help me.

  • ayodyapulsa

    what is the latest firmware for nokia N73 Music Edition ??


  • mike

    latest N73 music ed is 4.0750.31.2.1

  • Peter

    Hi who know code nr for polish language??

  • PescarusH

    i have a N73 ME with 0539364-V4.0812.4.3.1.,but the new update is 0539676 or 0539678-V4.0823.4.4.1, but i dont update!!!!!!! i change the code with NSS-nemesis service suite, but de NSU dont read the new code product and NSU dont find this update.

    • Ansaf Ker Ansaf

      4.850.4.2.1 is latest   6 june 2012

  • rimon

    How long time will be taken to update nokia N73 software?

  • Neaz

    Why my n73 is not supporting the latest youtube4.02 and also resolation is not good


    I WANT TO format of N 73

    • sk swami try this for format     *#7370#   code 12345   …………

      • Shubhamsukhlecha

        ThAnQ VeRY MuCh….

        • Shubhamsukhlecha

           *#7370# i must remember this code….

  • nikhil pawar


    I bought Nokia N73 in India. It is unlocked version of the phone as it is not bound with any service provider. This is the way you get cell phones in India.

    Now I’m in Japan and want to use same phone here. I tried my frnds SIM to check whether it works with my cell and it does not.

    Can you provide some useful information so that i can use same phone in Japan

    Thanks in advance !!! 🙂

  • Baman Charan Guru

    i want to update my phone n73

  • Mike_saldanha7

    my N73’s sw version is: 3.0704.1.0.1 and the new version is 4.0839.42.0.1. i have downloaded the new version in my laptop but i m unable to install it offline on my cell phone

  • Ikanchan 88

    How to update mobile softwere??

  • Ikanchan 88

    My Nokia V 4.0736.3.2.1  how to update softwere of mobile??

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