Nokia E90 information (almost too good to be true)

Take this with a grain of salt, I honestly hate rumours because it builds up people’s expectations of a device, and when the real thing comes out they are immediately let down because it isn’t anywhere near what the leaked specs are.

I post this in fear that this too might be shenanigans, but something tells me I’ll be surprised.

Some key points:

  • Next generation Nokia Communicator form factor
  • Screen on the front is 320×240
  • Screen on inside is 800×352
  • Has GPS
  • Dual cameras, one is on the back, several megapixels (number not given), and the typical camera (I think he means VGA) that are used for video conferencing
  • Production code: RA-6
  • Hinges are chromed out
  • 330 MHz
  • WiFi and 3G support
  • Supposed to be announced in either December or January and launched in the Spring of 07

Take these points with a mountain of salt people.

Read the complete post here on My-Symbian

UPDATE: You know … his website just recently celebrated its 7th anniversary. To me that means he’s really been around the block a few times and might now be fibbing. Anyway like I said, don’t believe anything until you get a leaked FCC document or press release 🙂

UPDATE Version 2: You know after googling around I’ve come to the conclusion this guy is truly an expert in his field. No one knows the Nokia Communicator series better than him, and articles dating quite a few years back prove this. So for now I say believe, and I’m sorry I doubted you Michal, but fact checking is something I strongly believe in.

UPDATE Version 3: The thread has been deleted, Nokia told him to remove the information. This can only mean one thing … IT’S TRUE! Does anyone have this site still in their cache?

[via e61life]

  • Daniel

    I still have it cached and left the post open when I went to work.

  • Stefan Constantinescu

    Can you send me this information via email please, Daniel?

  • Andrew

    I have seen the E90 and the above info by Michael is 100% true. Have pictures also but unfortunately cannot post this as it’s too early. Phone will be announced Feb 06.

  • Stefan Constantinescu

    Andrew: send me the pictures, my email is on the side

  • Jorg Gutzeit

    The big question for us in North America is whether the HSDPA will be tri-band?

  • Bica Mihai

    Stefan Constantinescu, are u a romanian guy ? I am also, maybe u can meat me on yahoo messenger, i have a few quations i have to ask u regarding E90! Yahoo messenger id: dread_reaper_aka_coasa_mortzy

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