Update your Nokia N73 to Internet edition

Nokia N73 Internet EditionThe Nokia Blog reports that the Nokia N73 Internet Edition Firmware 3.0638.0.0.43 update is now available. The Nokia N73 Internet Edition was only announced in Taiwan and Hong Kong, along with other Nseries Internet editions, but anyone with the N73 can change their firmware.

As with the earlier N73 Music edition, update is quite simple. All you need to do is change your N73’s product code to to 0539366 (Hong Kong’s language pack: English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese) or 0539364 (Taiwan’s language pack: English + Traditional Chinese) and mark the case “Enable”. Full details are available from here.

Again, be aware that this procedure will invalidate any warranty on your handset.

  • suruchen

    I have update Nokia N73 Internet Edition Firmware 3.0638.0.0.43
    but can’t see internet componet
    somebody can tell me what problem

  • Eclipse398

    i’m planning to update mine as soon as i get the chance.
    @ suruchen
    the internet components should be in applications or tools…
    not too sure.

  • kong

    i jus wan to change my phone language to chinese , tat all , hope this way can help me , izzit jus for music addition ?


    how long will this update take. please answer please

  • kong

    about 7 to 15 min

  • James

    Important question: need help! what the main difference between music edition & internet edition?

    If you are to choose which do you prefer the best edition to install?

  • wilmar

    @ james
    There is no big difference between the ME and IE,, only you can find a Internet folder in main menu in IE.
    Depends on your prefered language when you are choosing between the two..Because Internet editon has only Chinese and English language.

  • Kevin

    Just got my N73 a few weeks ago, I installed ME rather than IE. For internet, i download Opera Mini….it’s pretty good.

  • Tom

    i did it make n73 to n73 music edition but i am dutch and i am looking for the dutch language i know have english en chinese.

    who can help me???

    thx greetz Tom.

  • john

    hello Tom
    you must use this wan 0539349

  • ramses

    did it make n73 to n73 music edition but i am dutch and i am looking for the dutch language i know have english en chinese.

    who can help me???

    thx greetz Tom.

    hello Tom
    you must use this wan 0539349

    i want to change language to, do i only use nss to write the code or do i have to update again, abd follow the whole instruction again?? thanks ramses

  • chiroshow

    hello everybody i have a nokia n73 and i want to change the language from english to frensh but i don’t know how?
    and if i’ll had a code to do so how can i enter this code and where ??
    please help me!!! thnks a lot

  • KHIT

    if i upgrade to IE,then whats the different???its still ME,but have chinese language??

  • Eric

    Does any one know how to change the language to japanese?

  • Felix Maughan

    I’ve managed to update to N73 ME fine but I want to update my N73 to N73 IE but when I use both product codes it says that my phone software is already up to date and not given the option to re-install.
    Do you know of any product codes which can help me update to this version?

  • Wirelezz

    I bought the phone with this firmware and its internet edition with music edition together !! 🙄

  • baTMan

    i have one question, could sumbody can help me… mine phone is N73, then i update to ME.. now mine is V 3.0705.1.0.31 (26-01-2007)…can i update to IE? thanx

  • vinee

    nope, because uve got the newest firmware so u cannot update. i have the same problem

  • Popescu Cristian

    downloading software is about 15 minutes and the writing of the new software is during about 20 minutes…the entire proces must be doned in aprox 40 min…if you want to have the internet folder on your menu, you must not restoring the phone backup from your mmc, if you will do it, the internet, the connectivity folder will desapear…try to save your data like contacts mesages, and other, via pcsuite, in your computer…

  • David

    Not really, I restored the backup save and the internet folder still remains on the main menu.

    I love that now I can use the A2DP profile for my car stereo bluetooth thingy. Sound is great.

  • nad

    I am willing to upgrade my n73 to n73ME. I was suggested to use this product code:0539343 . Is this code right or any other code would be suitable. And is there a way i can hav both version ( ME & IE ) in my phone.

    Thank You

  • nad

    I wanted to know upgrading my n73 to n73IE. will the language be in chinese or english. And the internet components works for Hong Kong n Taiwan or universal.

  • Durden

    I have a n73 on 3 with both music and internet, which i was not aware of, the version was V3 and i have updated to v4 now my multimedia key has gone and is now only the music player, updater tells me that this is the latest version for my phone.
    I have lost MSN and a few other bits, i wish i had not done it now and would desperately love to restore it back to the way it was.

  • QiaNg

    Any 1 can send tat music edition software to mi????
    My E-mail is ck_keong199@hotmail.com thxZZzzz

  • Ashok

    I am Ashok and i buy your chinese mobile n-73
    i like this

  • Ashok

    please send me n-73 chinese mobile and i pay it.

  • Andy Hall


    I have updated to the N73 IE edition however my phone now doesn’t work with my service provider, three (UK). I have changed the code back to the orginal one and tried to download the original firmware but Nokia Updater jst tells me that I have the latest firmware available. Is it possible to force the updater to choose a specific firmware or is it possible to change the firmware number using NSS so that the Nokia Update ‘thinks’ that I have a much earlier version and will load the correct version of the firmware?

  • Bips

    Can u help me tell me how can i update it is via computer or i can do this things via mobile ?

  • Akhtar

    Hi please guide me how to install softwares in N73 china made. Can I install *.sis or *.jar files in this china N73 through computer, how??,
    Please can guide me >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • ohshenking

    im using n73 Music Edition

    and i changed my product code to 0539366

    untill the last part i hanged at this place

    Phone Recovery:

    1.remove battery and charger from phone
    2.insert the battery and connect charger
    3.press the power buttom for few second and click “retry” to continue to phone recovery.

    after i do all this

    the error message came out again

    “your phone could not be detected.please connect the usb cable

    click retry for the phone update.

    anyone can help this probelm ?

  • Zushikikato

    To ohshenking,

    I don’t know much about nokia phones but I have a possible resolution that might work.

    Try to connect the phone to your computer and when it is connected open Device Manager on My Computer>Right Click>Properties>Hardware>Device Manager…

    From there if there is a Yellow Punctuation Mark on your device you need to reight click it and choose install device driver automatically or something like that…

    Hope this one can help..



  • akshay

    i want updater of nokia n73m

  • Hussain


    i upgraded my N73 to Music Edition but i didnt quite like it 🙁 so i was just wondering if i could downgrade back to normal edition or i was thinking of upgradig it to Internet Edition but 1 question… ❓
    Is internet edition in mixed chinese and english or can you set it to just english! if you know wat i mean.

    Answer needed quick!!! 😐


  • dinesh

    i want to update my software in my nokia N 73. how i can do this

  • Zawaib

    i have just upgraded my n73 normal into me. and now i want 2 change it into ie. i know all procedure but i want 2 know the difference between me and ie. must answer

  • Artin

    I have a nokia N-73 phone from China to sell. The phone is on chinese language. email me to tcm2006 at hotmail com I will post from England after you paid.

  • Riaz Mengal

    For arabic language try old code its realy work on IE editon.

  • kiat

    what software can change product code???
    where can find that software??

  • viperxxl

    the dutch code posted here does not work, anyone else who has a (working) dutch code for the ME ?


    i want to update my software in my nokia N 73. how i can do this

  • byron

    can i know d step by step prociese of changing d version of nokia phone,i wanna join d upgrding procise
    thank pal more power,

  • bunnymd

    i tried to update my N73, but its been an hour already and its still “preparing installation”. what’s wrong? or what did i do wrong? please help…

  • Najam

    :sad:How can i format phone memory.


    Hello everybody.Please answer to my questions
    1.If i’ll change my normal Nokia N73 to ME will it work O.K?
    2.Is the product code 0539343 works for ME?
    3.After updating will my phone have a russian language?
    MY E-MAIL IS ktat_b.t.m@mail.ru

  • rev

    pls send me an updater for my n73 ME to IE pls

  • rev

    my email is yummydoodle12@yahoo.com pls i want to update my n73 to an internet edition plsssssss

  • Kalla

    I have purchase a nokia n73 ME, But now i want to update N73 IE, i want to know that after updation will it effects to my n73 ME or not. Can i have both ME and IE together.

    also tell me the procedure, how the updation take place

    its much better if anybody could reply to my mail id. kalla.ad@gmail.com


  • maj

    hi could anybody tell me what wrong with my n 73 i try to download new software halfway downloading phone was swith off amd now its not comes on i recharge again and lots of try but no luck please help me many thanks maj

  • maj

    hi I ran the Nokia software updater, which then attempted to update the firmware on my phone. After roughly 5 minutes of updating, my phone crashed without reason. It now will not turn on at all, and the recovery tool on the software updater has not helped so far. Is there any solution to this ?

  • $n73black$

    anyone can tell me how to fix the network on the nokia n73 black music edition………plz thx

  • Din

    HI all,

    Will any Body have a Answear For me ????

    I also have Bought a Nokia N73 and my question is Where and how do i Get the data and Information to acces the internet from my N73.???

    I tried to use the MSN or Nimbuz on My N73 and than i get a message on N73 saying SOmething about Acces points….? how does that work,, I know i’am a noob with phones..

    Thank you in Advance for a answear.

  • IAN

    I updated my nokia n73 since then the net on the phone will not download applications when it is about to download the application it says disconnected PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!

  • Daniel

    Hi, got anybody can tell me how do i get the phone language to chinese coz after i updated and all the language is only got english, pls help….urgent.

  • sanjay

    now im using n73 but i dont know how to change the language

  • Prince

    wats the difference between N73 ME and IE can we use free net?plz help

  • ali naser

    my phone has english language
    nokia n73 and i need arbic languge

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