New Sony Ericsson P990i firmware update released

Sony Ericsson P990iSony Ericsson P990i firmware update is now available. Known under the codename “R4A13”, the new firmware brings an important improvements in the way P990 handles the running tasks when the device runs out of memory. Instead of the current “kill all tasks” solution, the device now kills task by task, thus giving you some hope that your current app will stay active after the memory clean process ends.

Symbian-Freak sees the new update, as a “definite step in the right direction”, but notes that Sony Ericsson could have released this update much earlier. You can read the full list of changes from here.

  • Fabs

    Has anyone having used Sony Ericssons’s Software Upgrade service experienced a change in the telephone’s IMEI (last two digits) with consequent problems in restoring backups etc.?
    I own a P990i, had this problem and had to sweat to fix the restore problem.

  • alik

    P990i Firware trouble
    Can anyone pls help rescure my p990i. I updated my p990i firmware from SE website, and thorougly follow the instruction but since after the upgrade my p990i has not turn on. Though my phone wan unlock from orange.

  • Nik

    I have the same experience. I download the upgrade to my phone and can’t turn on my P990i since. Please help.

  • alexyee

    gosh.. i want to have p990i but it gives me confussion whenever i read all the comments about the phone.. but well, i believe p990 is still better than any smartphones… whatever.. ehehe

  • zee

    i download videos online and my p990i keeps goving error message that it cannot view the videos cos it does not support the format pls help i need to view this videos

  • Seth

    Please stay clear of this phone. I’ve had it for 7 months now, its been nothing but a nightmare. Not worth the $800 I spent on it. It baffles me how a company like Sony Ericsson can realease such a shaky product and that being their flagship phone…total peice of Sh*t.

  • Rajesh Mehta

    P990i Firware trouble / Problem

    Can anyone pls help rescure my p990i. I updated my p990i firmware from SE website, and thorougly follow the instruction but since after the upgrade my p990i has not turn on.

    I tried every possible ways to turn on, but in vain.
    plz help me

    • ashish

      hello dear
      my mobile
      same problam p990i
      any sulustion plz help me

  • dusanb

    You must take your phone to the Sony Ericsson service center. I’ve had the same problem — they have to reflash the device.

  • BeastMaster

    WEll the only problem i encounter with my P990i is the time zone which is not tecnically can be done.

    After the update from the web the application so far working a bit faster then before. 😆

  • jim

    so much for the great update 1mb more memory free 2mb. etc.with 14mb what kind of multitasking you can always do a restart to improve perfomance.what perfomance.coz i don’t see any.very slow phone.very little memory.its like testing a beta product.

  • abdul

    i also have a p990i however there bringing out the next best thing the sonyericsson P1i which took the piss really becuse when i just got my p990i i had to update the shit and it’s still shit only a slightest diffence are they going to bring out a newer firmware and when ? 😕

  • Dave

    It seems like others have struck the same problem after doing an update. I also cannot turn on my hpone, nor can I re-run update. My phone is now useless. Does anyone know where I can send it for repairs?

  • LongBrian

    Dear all, if ur P990i face problem after update FW. Nornally, it can not turn on, so u can fix by ur self by follow the introducetion again to update then ur phone will recover with new FW. The problem during update is course of Internet Speed or connect problem. I ever face with it too. but i can make it by my self as i explain above.

  • Dave

    After my own update failed, I took the phone to an S/E agent and they did it for me. I now get more resets than before and have difficulty in running some after market s/w. BUT, now I cannot restore my backup. I am told my backup file is not compatable with my phone. S/E refuse to reply to my many requests. My phone is just on 1 year old. I am very annoyed.

  • abdul

    How the F*** do you use the wifi becaude i make up a fake accuont on a locked wifi modem.Then it says connected and no F***ing web page comes up with google how do you use it ?

    any body , no ,dust! , no,any body ???
    also the conected internet speed is not fricking broad band it less than 1.2 kb.THATS PEANUTS!!

  • yogesh

    I updated my p990i firmware from SE website, and thorougly followed the instructions. It was working aftre update upgrade p990i has not turn on. It just flashes the light. To try updating again, it is not getting detected by PC Suite and update service software. Can anybody help me. The SE service center talks bullshit since phone is purchased without bill. Please let me know, if anybody has any solution. Yogesh

  • Elle233

    My P990i phone is only 5months old and it’s running me crazy already. It was a machine I cherished so much until I attempted to update its firmware. After then, I can’t make back-up or restore backups. The camera initialize for ever without it coming up.I’m currently running another update, and it’s taking forever. I’m not sure if it’s running at all. Anyone with similar problems please tell me how you resolved it.

  • Sam (oracle 6 dba)


    Ever since I bought my P990i, I’ve had no need to look at any other phone coz it does almost all da functions I need (except linux net.conections).
    I truely dunno what problems u geeks are havin but I can log onto databases, shutdown or startup,and even backup database.

    Ive had problems with da business card scanner, which I donot see its purpose coz it seems to have been made by retarded developer for retarded users, and the phone has no navigator (gps).


  • Anthony

    I bought the P990i from CEX for £110 and so far Ive had little problems with it. Did try to update the firmware but the instructions were weird – Remove Battery, Replace battery, Press and Hold C when you put in the USB cable; continue to hold C. Well doing all this nothing

    I want to know how to update the firmware without turning the phone into a paperweight. After having numerous problems installing and running SE PC suite and eventually doing several Uninstalls and Reinstalls eventually got it up and running.

    This phone is a looker.

  • KJ

    hello everyone,

    does anyone know how to change the P990’s os?

    thank you

  • abdul ghaffar

    look if you tryed to update your phone and you did not update it properley and you tryed to turn the phone on and it don’t work.It means you bricked the phone ! theres no way getting your baby back 😡 ❗ annoying init you have to update it properly with a good supply of internet connection as well was the phone fully charged just incase it turns off u get me ?need any other advise gimme email laterZ

  • jim

    hi is it possible to flash p1i firmware to p990?

  • ahad

    please send me a information of p990

  • sunny

    i had got sony p990i as a gift and it worked fine for 2-3 mont. after this it started restaring frequently saying it has restarted to recover memory. after 10 days i find my fone dead. and even the son ericsson authorised shop took 1 month but did not find out the solution to my problem.(its sony ericsson india, mumbai,dadar, SAP). i cant understand that if sony cannot provide proper services and make good fones y do they do business and fool us.

  • shaddy


    av had this phone(p990i) since 2006, yeah 3years, and it aint never done me bad, got all dem crazy hacks and mods. truth be told, sometimes it can be reaally shitty and F**ked up, but hey, am in kenya, i have the same phone as the president, why complain? te he he he, but i do agrree, se are Busta*ds. ther i said it, sue me, i aint uodating no firmware and i aint buying SE products again

  • onlykts

    I have a probelem with my P990i only a month after I got it. Many problem from rebooting to shutdown the battrey run out so fast and when I install other Arabic it got so slow even I have in put 1g card. Please advice

  • gene

    its a goddamn phone that i ever had!!!!!!

  • Piyush

    i want to update the my phone but on my keypad
    c button is not working
    while updating the service we need to hold the c button
    pls sugegst

  • Renier

    I think the p990i is by far the the winner on the list for shit phones!!!! i had my phone for 3 months, and some of the software was not working like the internet, video calling etc., so I took it back to the shop were i bought if from, and they told me it needed a software upgrade, but its going to cost me R400,00. its been in my drawer since then. I cant believe that Ericsson can make such junk, and then sell it for R6500,00 just to work for 3 months.

  • Mark

    i can say that my friend and i are very lucky to have a good phone, both of our p990’s are in good working condition, no problems appeared from the time we bought our phones up till now and its already near 4 years old, the only difference on our phone is that he already updated his FW recently and the phone still works fine, no problem whatsoever…..i’ll try and ask my friend how he did it and i’ll try to share how to solve the problems in FW upgrading 🙂

  • Gienah

    I just updated mine using the phone is working just fine. but the thing is the download upgrade failed coz I don’t have internet settings since the unit had just upgraded and now I don’t know how to re-download the upgrade on my phone. But still i’m glad that my phone is fine and a bit faster than before.

  • Das2king

    Man my SE is still good after years but i try installing some app and software it tells me failed security check, no more supported etc. Anybody with help.

  • irvine

    pls help me.. my P990i low in signal.. i need advice


    i have a P990i which has low signal , bad battery life and a memory dump or cache problem. It also needs a software upgrade! After havin listened to yor’l fucks bad reviews , iv decided to sell my shit for $20 .Please , if interested contact me on +27833635244 , ask for Dicky.

  • ashish

    P990i Firware trouble / Problem

    Can anyone pls help rescure my p990i. I updated my p990i firmware from SE website, and thorougly follow the instruction but since after the upgrade my p990i has not turn on.

    I tried every possible ways to turn on, but in vain.

    plz help me

  • sandy

    i have P990i and it works well. i did not update the firmware coz maybe it will be the same problem happened to your P990i guys. peace

  • ada

    it is goood

  • ada


  • yomi

    my was unable to instal other file format aside jar help plz help

  • yomi

    plz help my p990i was unable to install any other file format aside jar.plz

  • My_magical_eyes

    I have p990i phone i want to a update in it but i have no flip n C button Now what can i do???

    • Hali

      holf F key

    • Ujjwalmukherjee90

      u can hold the c in the quetry its also worked. I had same problem try it.

    • Sallu Khan28

      u can use the c button of qwerty key pad

  • Mian Wadood Ahmad

    can i see the videos of youtube in p990i if  i can then how????

  • M Alamsyariat

    excuse me…
    i want to update my p990i,but i don’t have the firmware,os or all application!
    if you have all i need for my p990i,please help me,coz i need!
    this my email :

    thanks before   

  • jhen

    did you know how can I re-format my sony ericsson p990i??? I can’t open my it…

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