DataWind’s PocketSurfer 2

During the 3GSM, DataWind Net Access Corporation unveiled the new version of PocketSurfer, what they call the World’s fastest handheld Internet device. PocketSurfer 2 is an ultra thin, sleek mobile device, the first of its kind to actually deliver the full power and original graphic intensity of the desktop web, rapidly and wirelessly – to the palm of your hand. The device uses Microsoft Internet Explorer from the server (no, there is no Windows Mobile on the device itself) to deliver the full Web browsing experience. Check out the video we’ve took at the show:

  • Machan Holland

    PocketSurfer 2 is a delicious product. Not a phone, not a PDA~ Just a quick and dirty way to get online with a sleek looking device.

    The DataWind team at 3GSM have me a great demo.

    Can’t wait till the product launches in the UK next month with FREE wifi service. Yeah!

  • Nigel Cummings

    This seemed to be an exciting concept true mobile internet, but… After researching the spec of this gadget, I’d say it is fatally flawed, how could the designers/manufacturers beieve users of this device would not want removable storage and Wi-Fi connection as an inbuilt option?
    As a writer and researcher, such a device seemed an attractive productivity tool for me, now I know I cannot take files off it, I cannot download from it, it has no ‘real’ storage or connectability to systems outside of GPRS, I cannot see the point of having one.
    I suspect this is a device that will end up in the ‘bargain basement’ very soon, or as a freebie with mobile phone deals!
    Hopefully the company will see fit to launch PocketSurfer 3 as soon as possible, and address the obvious flaws of their PocketSurfer 2 device.

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