Bluetooth Tethering for Mac OS X

It seems like everyday there is an announcement or release or rumor regarding a new Windows-based smartphone. If you are a Windows user/fan, then this is really good news for you. But what if you are a Windows Mobile fan using a Mac as your primary machine? Well, then concessions must be made. Syncing contacts, calendar, data, and using your data-capable phone as a modem are all a bit more involved. Here we will cover what is required to use your Bluetooth connection to tether your Mac and your WM5 phone for use as a wireless modem.

-First go download some modem scripts for your phone. Try these scripts from Ross Barkman. Unzip the file and extract the script files into your “/Library/Modem Scripts/” directory.

-Make sure your Bluetooth radio is enabled on both your phone and your Mac. Then pair with your phone by going to System Preferences/Bluetooth/Devices – “Setup New Device” (on your computer). Make sure you check the box “Access the Internet with your phone’s data connection”.

-Back in System Preferences-Network, choose to Show “Bluetooth”

-Enter the following information: (for providers other than Cingular or Tmobile, use your GPRS account name and password)

For Cingular customers :
Password: CINGULAR1
Phone: *99#

For Tmobile customers:
Account Name: *
Password: *
Phone: *99#
(Tmobile customers need not put anything specific in these fields, but something has to go here, try “*”

-Now click on “PPP Options” and uncheck the box labelled “Use TCP header compression” and click OK.

-Click the “Bluetooth Modem” tab and choose your modem script from the drop down menu box. First try the Windows Mobile GSM 460k script. If this doesn’t work, work your way down, and use the iPAQ script last.

-Make sure that the “Enable error correction and compression in modem” and “Wait for dial tone before dialing” checkboxes are UNchecked.

-Finally, click “Dial Now” and then “Connect”

Happy tethering!

  • mastertooley

    hello Will!!
    thank you very much for your post it was really helpfull, i have been trying to tethering my new MDA to my Macbook by bluetooth for at least 2 days i tryed all even the post from Ross Barkman without any luck, after some research more i found your post and with it i was able to see that i have had done a mistake and didnt download the Windows Mobile GSM 460k script and the thing wasnt working because of it as soon as i tryed with that ….BINGO … working just fine.
    im quite new with Mac so its not always easy to go around this things, so your explanation was very clear and good VERY HELPFULL…
    To you my Friend i THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH

    kind regards


  • Will Park

    Glad I could help out! Enjoy that MacBook!


    what script can use for a SYNC???? please help!!! anybody find one???

  • Ben

    Anyone know what script to use with the Samsung Galaxy S4? I couldn’t find one that works.

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