Yahoo!, AT&T Partnership On Shaky Ground – Bad For iPhone

yahoo loves att
Reuters reports that Yahoo! and AT&T are in boardroom talks right now discussing how to pull back on their partnership deal. The announcement of the partnership built confidence in Yahoo! investors and affected a rise in stock value. But after the new announcement regarding the two companies cutting back on their deal, Yahoo! stock dropped 5.3%, according to the The Wall Street Journal.

This could hurt the iPhone because AT&T’s Cingular will be the exclusive (for now) carrier and Yahoo! will be the push email provider. It’s interesting how such seemingly good bed-fellows could turn the cold shoulder on each other so quickly. (That’s what happens when you wake up and find that they don’t look as good as they did in the bar last night)

  • typ356

    Job’s said that the email client could many email services. Yahoo is just one of them. I think that at&t/Yahoo problem will have nothing to do with the iPhone. It more about the SBC Global internet email addresses.

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