10 reasons why I’ll wait for the iPhone 2

iPhone reasonsWith all the hype surrounding the Apple’s iPhone, I thought that everyone I know will buy one. But, after the dust has settled, I asked myself – would I really want an iPhone. Please don’t misunderstand me – I still have a very positive opinion about it, just some things don’t seem to click for me. So, I wrote down my list of reasons against buying the first iPhone. Or better said – why should one keep waiting for the second generation – iPhone 2.0. Let’s start…

1. No 3G
EDGE!? Is that fast enough? Three words – “it is not!”. Especially for Europe, where carriers offer HSDPA, providing users with speeds up to 3.6 Mbps. That’s almost ten times faster than EDGE. And what’s the point of a large screen if web pages are loading damn slow.

2. No Flash
The iPhone’s great wide screen should provide users with real web experience. But, what kind of a web experience excludes Flash!? Adobe released Flash Lite (now in version 2.1) for mobile devices, and I really don’t understand why Apple haven’t supported it in Safari.

3. No Java
Why there is no Java support in iPhone? I do understand that iPhone’s interface and multi-touch display would require some modification of the Java Virtual Machine, but was that a real problem? Apple would get tons of apps instantly, just to re-code parts of JVM.

4. Open for developers
Why, oh why Apple keeps closing their systems? I haven’t understood this for an iPod and now I definitely don’t understand for iPhone. I love Apple and their computers, but it’s really hard to grasp why they don’t allow third-party developers to further extend their own products’ functionality. Truth to be told, there were additional software for iPod, but that’s marginal compared to the overall mobile software market.

5. Multi-touch input
The first time I saw it – I loved it. Then later, I thought – will I be able to use it on an everyday basis. I find it hard to imagine using a keyboard which doesn’t provide me with a feedback. I want to feel it under my fingers and to be sure that I’ve actually pressed a button. So far, I’ve had this “problem” with all touchscreen based devices I’ve used, and imagining a fast typing on a touchscreen seems so far away.

6. Buyers’ remorse
Imagine yourself buying an iPhone in June and the new, better version is announced for European market, just few months later. And I’m not talking only about 3G here. I’m talking about a second camera for video calls and even more features. I remember reading Steve Jobs’ interview where he talks that people should buy a new iPod every year. If that will be the case with an iPhone, I would be a sucker to jump right in among the first few buyers.

7. Bugs
Let’s face it – Apple doesn’t have experience in the mobile phone industry. This is their first such product. You could argue that they didn’t have any experience in media players, yet their iPod is the bestselling MP3 player on the market. But, wait – mobile phones are 10 times more complicated than MP3 players. There’s multitasking, phone stack, a bunch of network/operator’s settings and features, and more. The phone stack is my favorite, as Microsoft finally solved it in Windows Mobile 5.

8. Outlook
I may love Apple with all my heart, and may be one of the potential buyers (from these lines you may think differently), but market can be cruel. Lately, an article in Forbes suggested that Apple may not sell the planned 10 million handsets. Who knows what tomorrow brings? Why not be patient and reap more benefits later. πŸ™‚

9. Wider industry adoption
iPhone is a brand new product which still needs to hit the market. For some strange reason, Apple was not present at 3GSM in Barcelona. At some point, they will have to get more developers for the platform. The industry led by the carriers will require it. They will also require a customization of the iPhone. How will Apple play in this game? I actually don’t care much about it – as an iPhone user I just want to see a bunch of services and apps available for my beloved device. And this requires cooperation with other industry leaders.

10. Price
I just couldn’t miss this. It’s already been said a number of time. iPhone is way too expensive. Hopefully, the competition along with declining prices of the iPhone’s components will drive the price down.

That’s basically it. Again, I’d like to underline that I really like the iPhone, but just want to wait for the second generation. And yes, I don’t want it wrapped with Cingular’s expensive plan. Any thoughts?

  • Will Park

    I’m getting the iPhone regardless.

  • John

    aren’t we all? haha, im no apple fan-boy but it’s just one of those devices that i want to have just to have it…. yes i really am that shallow

  • marlowski

    I’ll wait must have 3G my life is apple but not EDGE

  • Danno Bonano

    Not one really good point in all of this. If Apple opens up the phone, you end up with an absolute mess of things like most Windows apps. Most people would prefer to have the minority not muck about in things. Apple can keep the phone secure and stable much like the iPod. Hearing that 3rd parties are building apps is great when they will be vetted through Apple before release.

    I am much happier with a stable, secure, closed platform that an unstable, unsecure, open platform that becomes a hacker’s dream.

    As for price, 10 million + people next year will beg to argue that it isn’t a problem. After all, you are getting a full ipod with significant USABLE mobile functionality PLUS a cell phone. As well, the WiFi will save double that amount in the first three months for me compared to the data charges on my BlackBerry.

    My advice (if you are worried about obsolecence) is to sell all your possessions and move into a cave on some remote mountain.

    My Motorola RAZR was obsolete 2 months after it debuted when they came out with an iTunes version. It’s a non-argument because this happens with products from ALL tech companies. To imply it is an Apple issue is ignorant.

  • Will Park

    I agree with you on many of those points. Still, I’m going to have a hard time swallowing the fact that the iPhone lacks 3G.

  • bzpybiaoab

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  • kaspian walton

    11A. what about the camra only takeing pic’s and not video &
    11B. and it is only 2 mega pixs

    12A. no exspangen, they cant have merory card put in like micro sD
    12B. 8 GB come on my ipod has more than that 8GB to be divided songs / movies and pictures

    13. (cheap shot) batery live…..

    14.NO copy and paste ….. what i cant take stuff from then internet and same it on my phone or send a pic i found in a multy midea txt msg

  • JdubC

    Quoting last sentence in article: “I don’t want it wrapped with Cingular’s expensive plan.”

    I do not find the service plan expensive at all! $20 a month extra for all unlimited internet, texting and such is a great price! If you compare that to Blackberry or other devices they start at around $20 as well and I have seen them as much as an extra $40 a month 😯

    All in all, I do agree to wait for the second generation, most of the reasons listed are my own. One great ‘knock off’ I have come accross is the MiniOne, looks great, and looks like it will be Windows based.

    I do not own an iPod. I love my music but I have a cell phone and I could never think about carring a phone, PDA, and an mp3 player around; not enough pockets and too easy to loose something.

    Just hope that the next iPhone comes very quickly!

  • $Vice$ $Kid$

















  • $Vice$ $Kid$


  • Will Park

    @$Vice$ $Kid$
    1) Take it easy with the CAPS πŸ’‘
    2) A large portion of your list will be fixed with software updates soon 😎
    3) WATCH THE CAPS πŸ˜‰

  • Shokoladka05

    yeah it is not 3G but atleast it is wi-fi and it is one of the few phones that at&t affer with wi-fi besides 8525 and the upcoming model. .. and few others…it is a great devise, more of intertaiment then for busines, great for people who travel or loosen to music. Buy it, the is only a specific time for a product to be in such popularity on the marcket…

  • William

    Okay… Buy the iPhone now, and take care of it while using it; (Take care not to scratch or drop). When the new one comes out… sell the old one on eBay and buy the new one. You’ll be paying extra, and won’t get full price for the old one, but think of it as you’ve rented the first version; and you’ll enjoy having the iPhone all along and appreciate the second one more from the relief of being irritated the whole time because of the little bugs and quirks. Seriously, go play with one; if you like it and can afford it, buy one.

  • Chasen

    There always go thought upgrades everyweek for like ringtons like now they have ringtones just wait they will come put with more but for know i am just waiting for the iphone 2 because i dont think this one is that great it could of been nbetter

  • stonephone

    must agree wit the statement at the end, and true one of the most interesting products on the market is the iphone, the mere fact that you have to sign up with singular gives it a bad rep in my book as well. Although today after talking to someone who works for apple I discovered that apple made sure of this little scheme because singular came up with some of the phone features.

  • moocher

    guys i dont think the iphone gen1 is all that great im going to wait for the lg vrizon voyager cuz it has 1ringtones 2 3g evdo speed and 4 its just cool i meen seriously look it up. on google .not that i dont like the iphone i meen wenever i go to the mall i play with it .but then again it is hard to text on the thing πŸ˜₯

  • moocher

    omg im such an idiot i forgot 3

  • iPhone User

    I’ve used the iphone for 2 weeks now n im selling it off…! no point in keeping it…! even though the phone is awesome… dont deny that… but with the glitches like
    1. no forwarding of messages
    2. no zoom while taking photos
    3. no video recording
    4. no transfer via Bluetooth
    5. only a 2 megapixel camera while minimum now days u get is 3 megapixel
    6. no flashlite
    will be awaiting the iphone 2… even tho 1 was great… 2 will be better!!! look 4ward 2 it guys…!

  • MrEsax


    I don’t like how the Apple Iphone screen is left smudged with my finger oil everytime I use it.

    When the power is off, it looks like a cheap piece of glossy plastic with oily smudge marks on it!

  • VikingWizard

    MrEsax, have you ever heard of washing your hands? lol


    I-PHONE a term enough in itself if one does not take price into consideration. It was an eye catching experience with a first glance but the real facts revealed after I purchased it and had a feel of the phone. The phone despite of being one of the best has some loopholes like it has a difficult way of inserting the phone connection card , has a difficult messaging keypad with less inter character space and has softwares like java missing. May be the I-PHONE2 would have all these things rectified. πŸ˜†

  • impatient girl

    can anyone plz tell me if the iphone2 will be comming out before christmas. i heard alot of rumors that it will and i deff dont want to get iphone1 if 2 is comming out. and i dont wana wait too long for iphone2 either =[

  • impatient guy

    Yeah I want iphone 2. I wanna get one for Xmas and I’m soo not gonna get it if a new one is coming out in like January

  • ae

    It looks like most of your concerns got taken care of in the first few months. I still have to agree that G3 and GPS are big issues.

  • gOoE

    Well all i can say is i’m a tec freak and like all the new features that any phone will offer. so spring 2008 i will be in line to get one asap. maybe i can sell the gen. 1 iphone that i have now on ebay or something. just so my loss wont be the total $400 bucks.

  • impatient girl

    3giphone comming out next year! i dont think ima wait thoe because i need a new phone now and i can always get the second one next year if it comes to be way more advanced then the first iphone. i wouldnt want to pay more than 400 for a phone if that much anyways so by this time next year ill get the iphone 2 cheaper like this one =]

  • Squicky

    no! iphone 2 Will be not available until q1 or q2 2008.

    All the list given are great, but… please dont tell me i have to convert my video everytime. its annoying.

    If any of you experience in converting, you gonna hate it.

  • impatient girl

    i just wana say i got the iphone 1 and i couldnt ask fo anything more.

    the internet it good and i mostly use edge. i mean im 17 so wat the iphone has is anought for me. the camera is good too there isnt any zoom but i took one snap of myself n saw that the camera was way better than my old razor phone. its pretty easy to put music on my phone i dont even have to buy it from itunes like i once thought so im happy =]

    being random and offtopic i just wana kno if anyone knows the best type case for the iphone n if they kno where to get one cheap?

  • LolIta PunkZ


    i-Phone 2 is COMIN OUT!!!

    does anyone know ….

    will there be i-phone 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 ? ? ?

    is there any other generations of iphone ? ?

    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  • Cliffy44

    Plain and simple – The I-Phone isn’t what everyone was hypede into believing that it would be.
    It’s the Edsil of cell phones.

    That’s why I got an LG Voyager, on Verizon’s much more reliable and faster network.

    IF anyone wants to comment to me, feel free to write to me at cliff_wild@verizon.net.

    I can receive my E-Mail on my Verizon LG Voyager or on on my computer.

    It sucks to have an I-Phone.

  • TeenFutureiPhoneBuyer

    No one is mentioning how the iphone doesn’t have ichat. It would be a great feature!

  • iwantoneofthose

    Clever little basterds they are, not putting all of the features on at once, so that they can make another, and make more money!

    I’d love a company that’d make product with everything they know of! I guess they would run out of money pretty damn fast but hry πŸ˜‰

  • me15554

    Does anyone know if iphone2 will have multiple carriers?

  • aflyingmeatball

    god damnit. when is the next ipone coming out? this guy is right and i will wait for the iPhone 2nd Gen. but when can i get it. im almost gona resort to getting the iphone 1

  • Krud

    I need a new cell phone, but i WILL be waiting for an iphone 2.

    I want to get the iphone but i will wait it out.

    Once v2 comes out i will buy it ASAP!

  • kevin

    Every year the iphone will get better and better so there is no reason to wait and buy one. The second generation iphone will be beat be the third than the forth and so on.

  • kevin

    oh vice kid. Of course you can put games on it plus they are free, not just those shitty demo versions that cost 10 bucks a month.

  • Diego

    you forgot about Bluetooth. You’re not able to share pictures or ringtones via BT.

  • Harry

    i know and the camera aswell, no video support 😑 and it would be good if it had GPS or a 3.2mp camera

  • Patrick

    Honestly i have no problem with the touch screen keyboard. I’ve become very adept to it by now, and the auto correction feature is fantastic (thoguh recently i haven’t been making many mistakes while typing). But i definitely agree the 2nd generation of the iPhone will be MUCH mroe worth the money.

  • stewart

    Well i can say i love my iphone yet it needs more apps but what it has is fine if im at home it joins my wireless network and the same if im at friends and having the internet without having to boot my computer up is great, yet not being able to stream unless the vids on the site are in quicktime format is a blag but still maybe when my contracts over the 2nd comes out so i can do a quick simple change for better

  • Dr.Mustafa M.Al Kola

    I totally agree with you on all your points except for the keyboard issue , cause we have to adapt to upcoming keyboards which are totally virtual.

  • Dr. God

    Apple has typically created devices for the inexperienced users, therefore simplicity is key to their market strategy. Opening up their products to developers would make the product far more powerful and functional but at the expense of confusing less tech minded consumers. If you really want a wide range of prgrams why would you be buying an Apple product to begin with?

  • lassaline

    Californian drivers must be hands free compliant by July 2008. Is it possible that Steve Jobs himself, will not be able to legally initiate a call within his moving vehicle with voice dialing by that time?

    My money’s being saved for the iPhone I can actually use without breaking the law this Summer. I’m just saying… πŸ˜†

  • shane turner

    I thiny ur dead right, the iphone is a nice phone but it doesnt support java or 3g, come on people, how can this phone work properly as a web browser without java and for not having 3g i speak no further,

    I’ll wait for the 2nd generation iphone, that should be a cracker πŸ™‚
    good things are worth waiting for and the first gen iphone, ‘dont bother’.

  • Al

    Ok people stop bitching about the iphone not being 3G.. its not even needed in america, we have WIFI and wifi > 3G..(what place can’t you go to today that dosnt have WIFI even McDonnalds has WIFI here.. Euro and Japan opperate on 3G which is becomming cheaper now but due to power issues with the iphone they had to use EDGE.. All of these 10 points are stupid.. prices are coming down and with the expectations of the 3G model because its becoming so cheap to manufacture 3G chips so price really isn’t an issue for this kind of technology.. True the iphone 2.0 will be nice, but its small minor detail upgrades so don’t stress to much.

    As for networking.. the carrier has that covered its not going to be a problem. Apple has jumped from the old slow computers, to the 8 core computer.. i wouldnt doubt any of apple’s products.

  • DmanC

    Why do all of u complain everyone knows the faults and flaws of the iphone but its still an awesome phone im typing this reply on my Iphone and check me 4 mistakes none cuz the keyboard is so good the internet is as quick as anyone needs it and who really needs flash? Seriously its got the itunes store plus youtube with perfect quality images what more do you want? Find a cell phone with an ipod, a calling ability, a bigger, clearer, screen, a camera and 8gb internal memory and i will sell my phone

  • Goro

    U tell em DmanC……The Iphone is the finest piece of technology….video recording features may be available through software upgrades and a2dp aswell….and wifi>3g definitely and now 16gb is out and kickin other phone ass.

  • Ryan

    i heard about the rumor that 3g capabilty will require too much battery power. i hope they fixed it. cause in europe 3g is the way to go. i can’t quite understand why usa still uses these outdated technologies.

    apple’s price points are quite strange too. i live in holland and with the low dollar i’m not going to buy such products here. I’ll be heading to new york soon to do some apple shopping:D god bless the low dollar.

  • HiFake

    Don’t forget the bluetooth features! iPhone might come up with bluetooth stereo headphones and bring in a new way of listening to music and taking calls!!!
    Rumors are iPhone is to support A2DP and transfers!!

  • iUser

    iPhone 2.0

    Safari w/ Flash
    Camera w/ Flash
    Video Camera
    Fully Customizable
    80GB Capacity
    Faster (internet and overall)
    (i hope)

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