Threaded SMS: Samsung gets it


Unwired View:

Just take the phone number from the arrived text message, map it to the stored image of the sender and other recently received messages from him, create a new screen with pictures displaying continuous conversation.

Looks simple but very effective – this way you can quickly identify the sender, follow conversations with different persons just like in IM chat client and significantly reduce the number messages to the wrong recipients.

And it doesn’t need the latest Core 2 Duo chip or programming genius to be implemented. Expect for this feature to show up in new Samsung phones pretty soon.

I love it. Threaded SMS just makes so much sense. Adding avatars is just another evolution of that idea.

When will we see it inside S60?

  • James @ The Creative Life

    hmm, this looks very similar to what Apple are doing with the iPhone . . .

  • Stefan Constantinescu

    And Apple probably got the idea from Palm who has had threaded SMS on every Treo since god knows when.

    Apple didn’t add anything new to what Palm has been doing. Different UI, same concept.

    Samsung is trying to patent avatar use in threaded SMS. Stupid thing to patent, but very interesting concept indeed.

  • Bazza

    Plus with Symbian OS, a third party app cant replicate the same function with relative ease.

  • kriegspiel

    I can’t believe Nokia or a third-party developer still haven’t addressed this need. When I used a Treo 600 I took the threaded SMS app so much for granted, it didn’t seem like a big deal to me. Right now, despite everything the E61 does for me, I’m still considering going back to the Treo simply for the SMS program.

  • Stefan Constantinescu

    Maybe in the next version of S60 🙁

  • James @ The Creative Life

    Ah, you’ll have to forgive my ignorance of Palm stuff, they are practically gone already in the UK.

  • zhayuri

    what samsung cellphones do have threaded sms, im planning to buy a samsung brand but i like it to have threaded messages.

    pls email me for the answer, thanks a lot!

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