Don’t buy an iPhone on eBay!

These days an interesting device appeared on the eBay listings. Yes, I’m talking about iPhone and it’s yet another scam.

iPhone on eBay

The price of $1125 seemed fair for the yet-to-come device, as well as seller’s history, who had 100% positive feedback. The only problem was that seller’s account was hijacked.

Paying all those premium listings seems kind a strange, when you have a device no one else has… (via: Mad4MobilePhones)

  • iphone buyer

    will an iphone bought from america work in the UK ❓

  • Paul Richings

    Hi I am a ebay seller of 24 carat gold plated Iphones. I am shocked at your blog. I am aware of the scammers on ebay, but please do not tarnish all the good sellers like myself as being a scammer like the rest. I have excellent feedback which can be viewed on my account. My ebay username is phonemarketingltd. Please also not that because I am a small business I can offer huge discounts unlike Gold Striker & Gold Genie who are selling the same phone same gold plate for hundreds of pounds more. I am currently selling the latest 16gb model fully unlocked with 24 carat gold plate for £459.00. Thanks Paul

  • dusanb

    I don’t know what’s there to be shocked. This article dates from March of last year when iPhone was NOT available yet it was offered through eBay. That’s why we posted it to warn our users to watch for scammers that wanted an easy money.

  • Dan

    Yeah this was ages ago. You can buy iPhones now without a problem on ebay 🙂

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