iPhone Makes A Cameo Appearance At CTIA

CTIA logoDuring his keynote at CTIA today, Randall Stephenson, top exec. for AT&T Inc., gave a boost to his otherwise drab presentation. When he pulled out the legendary Apple iPhone in the middle of his speech, the whole room came alive with camera flashes and buzz, reports Yahoo News.

The iPhone’s brief glimpse was cut short when it was escorted backstage to be taken under guard back to safety. But just before it could be ushered away, FCC chairman Kevin Martin got a chance to play with the thing. And apparently, Mr. Martin was quite enamored with the device. So much so that Stephenson thought “he wouldn’t give it back.” It seems that even the FCC chairman is part of the 1 million Americans who wants an Apple iPhone. Can you blame him? At least he’s in a position to get the iPhone before anyone else. Lucky guy.

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