Limited edition Ferrari Vertu!

Darla Mack:

Vertu has launched a new phone, the Vertu Ascent Ferrari 1947 Limited Edition, to commemorate Ferrari’s 60th Anniversary. Using hand-polished titanium for the chassis the special limited edition draws inspiration from Ferrari GT cars that embody strength, durability and high-level performance.  Vertu worked closely with Ferrari’s design team to develop this exclusive limited edition ‘phones.

The Vertu Ascent Ferrari 1947 Limited Edition is inspired by the dynamic and stylish Ferrari cars.  Echoing this latest edition to the Ferrari GT stable, the phone is encased in red and black Ferrari leather with black lacquer stripes running at the sides. Carefully crafted with the same precision and attention to detail given when assembling a Ferrari, the Vertu Ascent Ferrari 1947 Limited Edition celebrates the delicate balance between form and function.

The bezel nose on the front of the phone features the famed Ferrari Prancing Horse, while on the rear back plate there is a scaled down iconic Ferrari brake pedal, crafted from high-graded aluminum, like that used in Ferrari cars.  To underline the exclusivity of the Vertu Ascent Ferrari 1947 Limited Edition each piece is individually serialised 1 to 1947 – paying homage to the very year when the first car to bear the Prancing Horse marque was built by the founder, Enzo Ferrari.

Absolutely lovely. It isn’t even a smartphone, but I still want it!

Don’t forget to check out that Shell commercial which features the many rich noises of various Ferrari’s.

Now make a Vertu with an ///M logo on it and I might just go bananas.

  • R2

    I wonder what this phone might cost? I can probably buy a Ferrari car for the same money.. :)Does people actually buy Vertu’s and why?

    • Varun_vijay2001

      hey i hav lost this model phone.can anybody tell me how to regain it please.its urgent:(

  • jack

    hii dude.. i just wangt to ask how much it cost o i hope u reply o thanx alot vro ^_^

  • AK

    sorry to say…vertu phones usually cost 5000-35000 dollars…the cheapest one from the Ascent series is 3500 dollars…so you can think of Vertu phones as a small used hyundai to a nice BMW 323i haha

  • AK

    whooops…i mean 5000 to 350,000 so you can change that bimmer for a lamborghini murcielago lp640…or a rolls royce phantom… for a phone with no gaming, wifi, internet, camera, or mp3 capabilities…have fun

  • leena patil

    hi,,,,, it is very important n urgent 4r me,, wld u plz let me d price of vertu ferrari ltd edition

    • conor

      hi a have a high quality ferrari vertu ascent replica boxed as new with all the real features as the original (selling for £300 sterling) if interested E MAIL ME at

  • j

    25000 thats pretty cheap for a…… farrari

  • Valdir Tavares

    nossa muito quente os modelos 😆

  • prashant

    Iluck me man I got this phone and it rocks its worth its cost

    • hurley

      pls wots rockin abou ti,….cux av got one myself and cant see anything much about it….just a damn ostentatious good!!!!!!

  • Z41N

    The vertu fonez r really good iv gt the 10 karrot gold vertu bt hopefully by da end of this week im getting the limited edition ferrari vertu

  • mike

    Vertu Racetrack Legends Series Ferrari Special Edition Brown Color
    please give me the price of this phone

  • nikhil


  • KT

    even if this phone cost 80grand, I would not even be able to drive a 370Z in my country. A Ferrari here cost nearly 1M or even more

  • campbell sneddon

    I have 3 of these phones that I am currently selling. Contact me by email Campbellsneddon@hotmail for pics n price


  • shashank

    i got dis phone 1947 limited edition, for 15000$…

  • moe

    hey everyone, i got this phone limited edition vertu, i bought it for 16000 and im selling it now just for 4000 grand…. Its been used just for 9 months no scratch or damage, comes with the package and all the stuff, let me know if u r intrested.
    Mail me at for pics and info

  • Mr Thein Win

    I like very much your brand.I interested your brand in my market.If I have chance to distribute in my country. I would like to know the contact person and e-mail.
    Best regards
    Thein Win

  • ryan

    can i know wats the limited’s price ??(ascent ferrari )??
    and the one thats not linited ??(ascent ferrari)??pls

  • david bs

    i like this vertu phone

  • muhammad

    hi my name is muhammad
    im from united arab emirates and i have vertu 🙂

  • Only best

    I have the limited edition vertu ferrari for just 3000 euros. Only serious buyer shuld contact me.

  • Only best
  • Sagarparakh_147

    I Have vertu ferrari limited edition 2009 model…3 yrs used..
    interested party can contact

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